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Thousands of miles of ice and thousands of miles of snow. Enjoy the pictures in three or nine days

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has dog days in summer, which is the sign of entering the midsummer, and there are 39 days in winter, which is the sign of severe winter. Although it is very cold in the first stage of March 9th, the scenery of the earth is really good and beautiful. The three or nine days of this issue take you to enjoy the pictures of three or nine days. Let's see the beauty of nature.


China has entered nine cold days since the winter solstice. According to astronomy experts, "99" is a more suitable miscellaneous solar term in northern China, especially in the middle and lower reaches of the Yellow River. From the day of the winter solstice, it enters the "count nine", commonly known as "jiaojiu". After that, it is a unit every nine days, which is called "Nine". After nine "Nine", it is just 81 days, which is "out of nine". At that time, the flowers bloom in spring.


, 三九天,


are popular folk winter solstice "nine nine cold elimination songs", commonly known as "Nine Nine Songs", which vividly records the climate and phenological changes between the winter solstice and the spring equinox of the next year, and also expresses some laws of agricultural activities. The widely spread "Jiu Jiu Xiao Han song" says: "if you don't do it in 1929, you can walk on the ice in 3949, look at the willows in 5969, the river in 799 opens, the geese come in 899, and the cattle go everywhere in 999 plus 19."


due to the different cold and warm climates in different places, the Jiu Jiu Jiu songs in different places are also different, For example, the Jiujiu song spread in the northern part of Hebei Province is: "no action in 1929; no action in 3949; the edge of Ling is gone; Ling is broken in 5930; 69 heads are beaten in spring, and the coat is taken off for a cow; 7963, the pedestrian's clothes are wide; no ploughing in 899, only waiting for 35 days; poplar flowers bloom in 999, and will not come in the future."


calculation method "399" It refers to the third "nine days" after the winter solstice, that is, the 19th to 27th days after the winter solstice. The Chinese lunar calendar has the saying of "99", which is used to calculate the season. The calculation method is from the winter solstice in winter (from the beginning of the winter solstice, it is called "jiaojiu", which means the beginning of cold), every nine days is a "Nine", the first nine days are called "Nineteen", the second nine days are called "twenty-nine", and so on until "Nine Nine", that is, until the ninth nine days count to ninety-one days. By this time, winter was over and spring came. Generally, it is coldest during the "March 9th". "The third ninth day after the winter solstice" refers to "three nine nine", which is also the day when "three nine" and "four nine" intersect, not "three nine".


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