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How to celebrate the "frost Festival" of Zhuang people in September of the lunar calendar

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frost fall is one of the 24 solar terms in China. The Zhuang frost Festival falls in September of the lunar calendar every year. This festival has been approved to be included in the list of the fourth batch of representative projects of national intangible cultural heritage. From this, it can be seen that the Zhuang frost Festival is of great significance to the Zhuang people. Then, next, let's go and see how the "frost fall festival" of Zhuang people is celebrated. Introduction to


Zhuang frost Festival: Zhuang frost Festival refers to the annual Lunar September, during the frost period after "Danna" (the end of late rice harvest) in Zhuang language, Zhuang villagers who have worked for a year make "Cina" and "frost welcome zongzi" with new glutinous rice to entertain relatives and friends. At the same time, during the festival, people sell agricultural products and buy production and living appliances to prepare for the spring ploughing of the next year. In November 2014, "Zhuang frost Festival" was approved to be included in the list of the fourth batch of representative projects of national intangible cultural heritage. Contents of


Zhuang frost Festival: Xialei Zhuang frost Festival is scheduled to be held before and after October 23 of the Gregorian calendar. The festival lasts for three days and is divided into "initial descent" (or head descent), "positive descent" and "closing descent" (or tail descent). Daxin County chronicles described the frost fall festival as "eating glutinous rice balls, killing ducks for banquets and burning incense for ancestors to show grain harvest. Xialei held activities for three consecutive days, and the festival atmosphere was very strong."


were traditionally used to honor cattle on the first day, which allowed cattle to rest. Early in the morning, people began to make brownies, Ciba, kill chickens and dolphins, and prepare to entertain relatives and friends from all directions. Xialei town is located at the border between China and Vietnam, which is also a necessary place for the ancient Guangxi Yunnan Road. At the same time, Xialei is also located at the edge of the junction of Daxin, Tiandeng, Jingxi and Debao counties. Therefore, on the day of the first landing, people from Daxin, Tiandeng, Jingxi, Debao and other counties came to Xialei to participate in the festival. Merchants even set up their stalls early, offering everything from production to daily necessities.


are descending on the morning of this day for worship activities. People first came to Yamo temple with Ciba, meat, incense candles and other sacrifices. Some people were responsible for dressing up as soldiers, holding tooth flags, beating gongs and drums, and carrying Yamo portraits out for a parade under the opening of the lion. It is said that the image of Yamo (Mrs. Yuyin) is hairy and naked, riding on the back of an ox. Yamo seems to patrol Xialei street door to door, setting off firecrackers wherever he patrols; Every temple of folk belief,. During the parade, children who are considered "light" cannot go out to watch, so as not to get sick. In the Qing Dynasty, not only ordinary people offered sacrifices, local officials also dressed in official clothes and led people to worship. After the wandering God ended, the frost fall festival entered the famous "frost fall fair". It is said that "the things bought during the frost Festival are durable and auspicious." in the old days, people would save money for a year and buy new things only at the frost Festival.

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