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When the frost falls and the temperature drops, exercise and diet can keep up with the pace

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frost fall is one of the 24 solar terms, the last solar term in autumn, in other words, the beginning of winter. In this solar season, health care must not fall. Frost health care is the best, and proper tonic should be taken after exercise. This issue of frost brings you to know how to do exercise and diet when frost falls and cools down.


the doctor suggested that the tonic should be appropriate in the frost season. As the saying goes, "the cold dew is not cold, and the frost changes the sky". At this time, the temperature difference between day and night increases. People should pay attention to adding clothes, especially keeping feet and stomach warm, and strengthen physical exercise at the same time. Dai Shuqing, director of the preventive care department of Haici medical group, reminded that the diet should be as light as possible in the frost season, especially not to put too much salt in the food.


especially for the elderly, if they take tonics indiscriminately, they will not only fail to take care of their bodies, but may also cause unnecessary trouble. If you want to astringe Yang Qi, you can increase hawthorn, Schisandra chinensis, persimmon, vinegar and other sour foods in your diet. If there is no wind and cold weather or there is no cold in the body, try to use less or no sweating food, such as green onion, ginger, pepper, mustard, etc. From this solar term, it is also the best time for ointment to tonify and regulate the body. In the movement of


, we should pay attention to the reasonable arrangement of dynamic and static. The amount of exercise can be appropriately increased. You can choose sports such as climbing and kicking, or radio gymnastics, aerobics, Taijiquan, Taijijian, ball games, etc. Because the temperature is low, it's best to go out for exercise when the sun comes out or it's warm. If you have a large amount of activity and sweat hot, you should unbutton your clothes and let your body cool down slowly. Before each exercise, we must make full preparations and pay attention to the reasonable arrangement of movement and stillness. We should not be overworked, nor should we often sweat, so as to leak Yang Qi, consume Yin fluid and weaken the body's resistance.


frost reduction solar terms are approaching. Pay attention to diet [pay attention to balanced diet for "Nourishing Yin" after frost reduction] frost reduction is the transition period from autumn to winter, and health preservation should enter the stage of "Nourishing Yin". "People tend to eat more because of the sudden drop of temperature in this season, which is often called 'raising fat', but this is not appropriate." Chen Weiya said that "raising Yin" must pay attention to a balanced diet, that is, the three nutrients of carbohydrate, protein and fat should be balanced.


among them, carbohydrates account for 50% to 60%. It is not advisable to eat vegetables without meals; At the same time, fat accounts for 25% to 30%, and protein cannot be less than 15%. These three nutrients should be balanced. Specifically, you can't eat less than one kilogram of vegetables every day; Fruit must be added between meals, and the total amount per day shall not be less than 400 grams; In addition, be sure to have breakfast.

[pay attention to "moistening dryness" in diet, eat more fruits and drink more water] dryness is easy during communication in autumn and winter. Dryness evil injures the body fluid. When the body fluid is consumed, dryness will appear, such as dry mouth, dry lips, dry nose, dry throat, dry tongue, less fluid, dry stool, dry skin and even chapped skin. The lung likes moistening and dislikes dryness. The function of the lung will be affected. There will be a series of autumn dryness diseases, such as dry nasopharyngeal, hoarseness, dry cough and less phlegm, thirst and constipation.


diet should pay attention to "moistening dryness and Supplementing Qi". For example, you can put some yams, red dates or lilies in porridge; Stewed chicken soup can put some Astragalus and medlar. According to the method of health preservation in autumn, you can also eat soft foods such as sesame, honey, tremella and green vegetables, as well as fruits rich in water, nourishing yin and lungs such as raw pears, grapes and bananas.


this season, people's enthusiasm for hot pot is heating up again. However, Chen Weiya warned to eat less spicy products, such as pepper, ginger, onion and garlic. Excessive spicy food should hurt the Yin and essence of the human body. Hot pot should not be more than twice a week, and be careful not to drink hot pot soup. In terms of


water replenishment, it shall not be less than 1200 ml per day. In addition, you can drink some salt water during the day and honey water at night. This is not only a good way to replenish water, but also a good diet for health preservation and anti-aging in autumn; At the same time, it can also prevent constipation caused by autumn dryness and play the role of moistening and nourishing the lung.

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