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Another remedy for Frost: did you eat the cheap sweet potato leaves

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sweet potato leaf is a treasure. It has a lot of effects on the human body, and it plays a great role. In the early days, people fed sweet potato leaf to pigs because they "didn't know the goods". It was a natural thing. In the frost season, sweet potato leaves are unique, which is a big "tonic" of frost. This frost brings you to understand the affordable sweet potato leaves.


after a few days of frost, you must get up early in the morning and run to the field early. Pick up the leaves in the sweet potato field, the taro leaves are charred like charcoal, and the noodles are cooked in a noodle pot.

this is a folk song spread in the Huaihe River Basin. For a handful of sweet potato leaves, some people don't hesitate to use the word "Cuiwei". In fact, the sweet potato leaves after frost can't be called Cuiwei. They are "black like charcoal and coal".


in the Huaihe River Basin, many people like to plant sweet potatoes, which can be used as staple food, or made into flour strips, cut into sweet potato slices, dry in the field and cook porridge... In the famine years, people also developed several delicacies from the seedlings of sweet potato. The sweet potato stem can be boiled in water and dried in the air. It is the most beautiful dish. The sweet potato leaves after frost fall are used in the lower pot, which is very playful.

noodles must be miscellaneous noodles. Sorghum noodles are very good. Cook them in the pot. To "wake up" the sweet potato leaves with hot water, the scorched sweet potato leaves are soaked and scalded in hot water, the leaves stretch and the veins appear, and put them into the noodle pot. After cooking with the noodles for half an hour, the noodle soup is almost porridge like, and the sweet potato leaves are as thick as the fungus in early spring, but a little thinner than the fungus. Such sweet potato leaf noodles have a dry plant smell, warm and transparent, and can be appetizing.


a poet wen you came to his hometown. I specially invited him to have a meal of sweet potato leaf miscellaneous noodles. He still wanted to eat three bowls of noodles. I stopped him and advised him that delicious food should not be used more. Leave some thoughts for the next time. He praised sweet potato leaves as "black widows", which was very vivid. The sweet potato leaves in midsummer were made into green balls. At that time, they were still girls. They were fresh and didn't have much content; After the frost, the sweet potato leaves are weathered and soaked in human fireworks. Under the earthly smoke, they have a lasting charm and experience, and the aftertaste is natural and long.


, a "black widow", call the sweet potato leaves out of the sense of age. In the era when sweet potato leaves were popular at the table, most people didn't eat well. There were few green leaves and seasonal vegetables in winter all year round, and sweet potato leaves were just relief products. Now, there are greenhouses all year round, and vegetables also disordered their growth law, but sweet potato leaves are still a scarce food. Miscellaneous noodles with sweet potato leaves are still popular in major restaurants in Northern Anhui in winter. The fate of


and "black widow" is hard. The wind and frost of the world make it haggard. In the end, it is accompanied by miscellaneous noodles all its life. It has never been "mainstream" in its life, but the romantic legend about her in the world has been circulating in the market and has been "Jinjin Ledao".


about frost, Wu Ou Ting, who is a poet and painter, wrote a poem "frost drop": "when you climb high and eat wine for a long time, the flowers bloom on the fence and sandalwood. The frost drop is sharp and beautiful, and you can only see in the picture." Jiantuan is a synonym for crabs. What Crabs do you eat after frost? It's already out of breath. At this time, it's good to eat a bowl of sweet potato leaf miscellaneous noodles, Save a little warmth for the coming winter.

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