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One of the great tonics of frost, the special effect of chestnut

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chestnut is a kind of plant integrating health preservation value and medicinal value. Its vitamin C is even higher than that of tomatoes and ten times that of apples. It eats chestnuts. Therefore, eating more chestnut can get more nutrition. Especially in frost, eating chestnut is very tonic to the body. Its special function and curative effect are more effective in frost season.


chestnut, commonly known as chestnut, is a specialty of China. It is known as the "king of dried fruits" and "ginseng fruit" abroad.

it's hard to imagine that fresh chestnuts contain more vitamin C than tomatoes, which is more than ten times that of apples! Chestnuts contain very comprehensive minerals, such as potassium, magnesium, iron, zinc and manganese. However, they are not as high as melon seeds, but they are still much higher than apples, pears and other common fruits, especially potassium.

chestnut not only contains a lot of starch, but also contains a variety of nutrients such as protein and vitamins, but it is not as rich in oil as walnuts, hazelnuts, almonds and other nuts, and its starch is very high. The carbohydrate content of dried chestnut reached 77%, which was equivalent to 75% of grain; Fresh chestnut also accounts for 40%, 2.4 times that of potato. The protein content of fresh chestnut is 4% - 5%. Although it is not as much as peanut and walnut, it is slightly higher than cooked rice. At the same time, it has good medicinal value. The main traditional Chinese medicine is chestnut, which has the effects of Tonifying the kidney and spleen, strengthening the body and bones, benefiting the stomach and calming the liver.


the benefits of eating more chestnuts in Frost: first, chestnuts can provide sufficient heat for the body. Chestnut is a dry fruit variety with more carbohydrate content, which can provide more heat energy and help the body resist the cold. Secondly, eating chestnuts can enhance human immunity. After frost falls, there is a frequent cold season. Chestnuts not only have a good Qi supplementing effect and can improve human immunity, but also are rich in vitamin C, which can improve human adaptability to cold. If you eat them in moderation, you can stay away from the trouble of cold. Finally, winter is the season of frequent cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. Chestnuts are rich in unsaturated fatty acids, niacin, vitamin B1, vitamin B2, carotene, calcium and other nutrients. They are especially suitable for patients with cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases such as hypertension and coronary heart disease.


chestnuts, as a delicious dried fruit, have a good flavor whether eaten raw or fried, steamed, boiled or stewed. However, when we choose to fry chestnuts with sugar, we'd better not choose the open chestnuts, because the sand and sugar in the pot will produce caramel at high temperature, which will turn black over time, and the open chestnuts are easy to stick to these harmful black caramel. In addition to sugar fried chestnuts, there are many ways to eat chestnuts, such as adding flour to make a small nest, which is the famous small nest of chestnut noodles.


chestnuts are suitable for people with high blood pressure, osteoporosis, chronic diarrhea, backache, weak legs and feet, increased urination, cold and weak body, tracheitis and other people. Special people such as pregnant women and pregnant women can also eat chestnuts, but infants and young children have incomplete gastrointestinal development, Chestnuts are easy to cause swelling when eaten. If they are difficult to digest, they should be eaten with caution. If children have mouth ulcers and sores, chestnuts can be eaten appropriately. Chestnut is high in sugar and contains a lot of starch, so diabetics should not eat or need to be careful.

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