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Prevention of yin and heat symptoms in solar terms of great heat

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hot season, the degree of heat reaches the peak of the year, and the number of people with heatstroke symptoms often increases significantly. Modern people pay attention to physical health and have paid great attention to the prevention of heatstroke, but most of them do not understand another common symptom of severe heatstroke - Yin heatstroke. So today, let's learn what Yin and heat symptoms are and how to prevent them.


the solar term of the great heat is hot. Due to the extreme heat, people often like to take a cool rest in the courtyard or by the river at night, or take a bath in cold water immediately after sweating from labor and sports. Some people drink a lot of cold drinks to relieve heat and thirst. What's more, they simply put a mat outside to sleep, but they wake up with cold and headache, Or with a sense of heaviness, a stuffy nose, sore throat, dry throat, sore limbs, skin fever without sweat, or with gastrointestinal symptoms, such as vomiting and diarrhea. In traditional Chinese medicine, this is a kind of heatstroke suffering from injury heatstroke, which is generally called Yin heatstroke.


professional TCM doctors pointed out that Yin heat is actually a kind of heatstroke. The pathogenic cause of Yin heat is not simply heat evil, but the invasion of cold and humidity. The symptoms are not as clear as the common heat stroke, nor as sudden as its onset. The course of yin and summer heat will be relatively long. If the treatment is not right, the lingering dampness and evil will make the patients very distressed.


modern medicine believes that the causes of yin and summer heat are vigorous metabolism, high physical consumption and weak resistance in the body under hot climate conditions. When the climate suddenly turns cold or is suddenly stimulated by cold, pathogenic microorganisms will take advantage of the deficiency, causing upper respiratory tract infection, vomiting, diarrhea, and even mouth and eye deviation, Induce stroke and hemiparalysis.

so how to prevent Yin heat syndrome? Traditional Chinese medicine doctors pointed out that to prevent the onset of yin and summer heat, people should pay attention not to be too cool, sleep in the open, or use electric fan air conditioning all night in their daily life in summer. They should also control cold diet and cold shower after sweating.


at the same time, we should adapt to the law of four seasons and let the body adapt to the hot weather so that there will be no over reaction. In hot summer, the days are long and the nights are short, and people's sleep is generally affected. However, in this season, we should go to bed early and get up early to ensure the rest time. Conditional people had better take a nap for half an hour at noon to rest their brain and intestines and stomach.


in the hot summer, people should not do nothing all day. They should deliberately carry out some activities, such as playing chess, practicing calligraphy, painting, watching performances, etc., but they should not go too deep, and there should be enough. For patients with work or official business, we should pay attention to the orderly arrangement of work, and the daily workload should not be too large.


for healthy people, on the premise of strengthening drinking water, reasonable diet and adequate sleep, they can do more exercise to make the body sweat, which is also beneficial to the body. Only according to the physical quality of each person, the amount of exercise should also be different. Generally speaking, healthy people who sweat a lot after doing some large exercises will make the body feel comfortable and happy. The amount of exercise should be based on this.

it is worth noting that after exercise, you can't use cold water to cool your body, and you can't drink too many cold drinks. It's best to drink some heatstroke prevention drinks such as hot tea or mung bean soup. If you have just finished more vigorous exercise, you can't stay in bed and eat immediately.


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