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Beauty loving girls see, what to eat in the summer

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The arrival of the

summer solar term represents the end of the summer, but dermatologists point out that the sun's ultraviolet radiation index is large after the summer. At this time, if you ignore sunscreen because the weather turns cool, you may win the "autumn tiger" trick and cause damage to the skin. So let's understand what to eat for sunscreen in summer?


dermatologists point out that if you spend too much time outdoors in the summer, your skin is prone to redness, tingling, blistering, peeling and other phenomena, which are the traces left by the sun. So can sunscreen be strengthened through diet? What else would you like to eat?


eat oranges in the summer. Oranges contain a lot of vitamin C and carotene. Scientists' research results show that if you can drink a few glasses of orange juice every day, it can well enhance the vitamin C and carotene in the body. This has a very good effect on sunscreen and whitening. It is recommended that you drink some every day.


fruits containing vitamin C can inhibit the formation of black spots. Vitamin C can inhibit the production of melanin and black spots. Multi vitamin C supplementation can also prevent skin aging, enhance the sunscreen effect of the skin and be conducive to the elasticity of the skin.


eat a moderate amount of yellow red fruits and vegetables, red orange, such as carrots, tomatoes, papaya, sweet potatoes, pumpkins, water spinach, etc. a large amount of carotene in these vegetables can also resist oxidation and enhance skin resistance. In particular, tomatoes should be mentioned. Eating more tomatoes every day can protect against sun.


watermelon should also be eaten more in summer, because the water content of watermelon is quite high, which can well supplement the loss of water in the human body. Watermelon contains amino acids, which can be easily absorbed by the skin and has the effect of sunscreen and moisturizing the skin. Summer is also the season of watermelon. People who love beauty must eat more. It is delicious, whitening and sunscreen, Why not?


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