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Four kinds of health preserving dishes in the solar term of great heat are delicious and healthy

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heatstroke is the hottest solar term in a year. Preventing heatstroke has become an important play of health care and health preservation in the heatstroke season. Professional doctors remind that if there are obvious symptoms such as general fatigue, dizziness, palpitation, chest tightness, inattention and massive sweating, it is mostly the precursor of heatstroke. Then let's take a look at four kinds of solar terms health dishes, delicious and healthy, to help you spend the summer.


cold eggplant method: wash and peel the eggplant, cut it into small pieces, put it into a bowl, sprinkle a little salt, put it into cold water, soak the eggplant brown, remove it, steam it in a steamer, take it out and cool it; Mashed garlic; Heat the wok over the fire, add sesame oil, fry the pepper, pour the oil into a small bowl, add soy sauce, sugar, rice vinegar, refined salt, monosodium glutamate and minced garlic, mix it into juice and pour it on the eggplant slices; Wash the coriander, cut it into sections and sprinkle it on the eggplant slices. Efficacy: clearing heat and dredging orifices, detumescence and diuresis, strengthening spleen and stomach.


mixed in soy sauce method: dice tofu, beans, tomatoes and fungus. Boil the pot with water, blanch the tofu, beans, tomatoes and agaric respectively (the tomatoes can be slightly hot), remove and drain the water, and put them on a plate for standby. Heat up the wok, add vegetable oil, put the pepper in the wok, and cook it in soy sauce to produce flavor. Then put the chopped green onion, salt, tomato and monosodium glutamate into the wok, stir evenly, pour it on the scalded tofu, beans and fungus, sprinkle with sesame oil and stir well. Efficacy: invigorate the body fluid and quench thirst, strengthen the spleen, clear away heat, detoxify and remove dampness.


mung bean pumpkin soup method: wash mung beans with water, add a little salt (about 3 grams) when the water is not dry, stir evenly, marinate for a few minutes, and rinse with water. Peel the pumpkin, wash the pulp with water, and cut into 2cm square pieces for use. Add 500ml of water in the pot. After boiling, boil the mung beans for 2 minutes, pour in a little cold water, and then boil. Put the pumpkin in the pot, cover the pot, and boil over a slow fire for about 30 minutes until the mung beans bloom. Add a little salt to taste. Efficacy: mung bean is sweet and cool, clearing summer heat, detoxifying and diuretic; With pumpkin to nourish body fluid and Qi. It is the best diet for heatstroke prevention in summer.


balsam pear chrysanthemum porridge practice: wash and remove the pulp of balsam pear and cut it into small pieces for standby. Wash the japonica rice and rinse the chrysanthemum. Put them into the pot together, pour an appropriate amount of water and cook over a fire. After the water boils, put the balsam pear and rock sugar into the pot and continue to cook over a slow fire until the rice blooms. Efficacy: clear away summer heat, stop dysentery and detoxify. It is suitable for heatstroke, thirst, dysentery and other diseases.


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