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Fishing, swimming, fitness ball, exercise in summer

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as the saying goes: "practice three or nine times in winter and three times in summer". It can be seen that even in the scorching summer, it is very important to adhere to correct physical exercise. Studies have shown that people who often take exercise in summer have better heart function, vital capacity and digestive function than those who don't exercise in summer. So, on the hottest summer day of the year, how can people exercise fully without excessive consumption and injury?


swimming is the best sport to take part in physical exercise in the summer. The scorching sun is like fire, and the hot wind is blowing on your face. It is the most comfortable to swim. It not only exercises your body, but also dispels summer heat.

swimming is good for people. First, it can improve the function of human respiratory system. After swimming exercise, it can fully inhale oxygen and exhale carbon dioxide, so that the metabolism of tissue cells in the body is vigorous, which is effective in preventing and treating chronic tracheitis and improving emphysema. Secondly, swimming can improve the function of cardiovascular system. Swimming can greatly enhance the function of the heart and reduce the deposition of metabolic waste on the blood vessel wall.

third, swimming can increase the excitement of the cerebral cortex. If you swim in the water for a moment after work, no matter who you are, you will feel refreshed, fatigue will disappear and your whole body will be light. Especially for the middle-aged and elderly, often taking part in swimming can better metabolize fatty substances and avoid fat accumulation in the omentum and subcutaneous to form obesity.

but it should be noted that although swimming is good, it is not a sport that anyone can participate in. Be sure to have a thorough physical examination before you go into the water. In addition, swimming should not be carried out within an hour after dinner; Before swimming, you must make full preparations to avoid cramps and colds.


when swimming into the water, do not jump into the water suddenly. First wash your face, upper limbs and chest and abdomen with water in the shallow place, so as to make your body fully adapt, and then go to the deep place. After swimming, if the water doesn't come out in your ears, you can use the side head low ear jumping method; After swimming, you must also wash your body thoroughly with clean water and wash away the unclean water. In order to prevent eye disease, it's best to drop some eye drops.

fitness ball, also known as Baoding iron ball. This exercise can harmonize qi and blood, relax tendons and bones, strengthen internal organs, strengthen brain and intelligence, and has a small amount of exercise. It is not limited by the site and climate, so it is suitable for summer practice.


have good curative effects on sequelae of hemiplegia, cervical spondylosis, periarthritis of shoulder, coronary heart disease, finger dysfunction and other diseases if they can often practice fitness ball. In addition, due to the frequent friction between the iron ball and the palm skin, it will also improve blood circulation and treat diseases around the body due to electrostatic and thermal effects.

fishing is not only to catch fish, but also to cultivate temperament and gain body and mind. The reason why fishing nourishes the mind and nature is that fishing is made with the cooperation of brain, hands and eyes, and the help of stillness, intention and movement. At the time of fishing, eyes, brain and spirit focus on the movement of the buoy, silent, intended to Dantian, static and dynamic. It has played a positive role in improving people's visual and brain sensitivity.


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