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It varies from person to person. How to deal with heat due to damp heat and yin deficiency constitution

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summer season, the summer heat gradually ends. However, professional traditional Chinese medicine doctors tell people that due to the existence of autumn tiger, the weather is often very hot at the beginning of summer. In addition, the air begins to become dry, which will be a difficult time for people with damp heat and yin deficiency, and they are easy to feel physical discomfort. So how do people with damp heat and yin deficiency get rid of summer heat? Let's get to know.


damp and hot people should be used for summer vacation. According to traditional Chinese medicine doctors, people with damp and hot constitution often have shiny face and nose tip, are prone to acne and boils, often feel bitter mouth, bad breath or peculiar smell in mouth, often have sticky stool, have fever when urinating, yellow urine color, women often bring yellow color, and men's scrotum is always wet and sweaty. He is irritable, especially in the humid and hot climate. The summer season is still in the long summer, with more rain and heavy moisture, which will make people feel stuffy and hot.


are affected by the weather, and the human body is vulnerable to the "three evils" of heat evil, dampness evil and dryness evil. People with damp heat constitution are particularly vulnerable to heat evil and dampness evil. Heat and dampness hurt people, making people prone to sleepiness and top heavy. Once the human body is too hot and wet, it will be wet sticky, hot for a long time and difficult to recover.

at the same time, in traditional Chinese medicine, the lung likes to moisten and dislike dryness. Although autumn dryness is not obvious at the beginning of summer, it will also easily hurt the lung, manifested as cough and expectoration. At the same time, bacteria breed and reproduce rapidly at this time, which will lead to gastrointestinal diseases and skin diseases.


friends with damp and hot constitution should ensure sleep and rest their mind in summer. Can often practice deep breathing, breathing deep into the small abdomen; Listen to more smooth, melodious, soothing and calming music; Try to avoid working and living in hot and humid environment for a long time; In daily wear, it is best to wear clothes of natural fiber, cotton, linen, silk and other textures, rather than tight clothes; Exercise to make muscles and joints as soft as possible.


in terms of summer diet, you can take dampness and heat dispelling traditional Chinese medicines such as Yinchen, plantain, light bamboo leaves, talc, Xihuang grass, chicken bone grass and kapok. However, the above traditional Chinese medicines are mostly cold and cold, and you can't eat and take them for a long time. You can drink more water or drink some herbal tea to dispel summer heat, clear heat and benefit dampness in time. When it is dry and hot in early autumn, you can eat more sweet and moisture fruits, drink more white porridge, and drink a small cup of light salt water or honey water every morning to moisten the intestines and defecate.


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