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In the summer heat, appetizer and strengthen the spleen, and drink delicious lotus root and oyster soup

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With the arrival of the

summer solar term, the degree of summer heat has reached the extreme in a year. The hot and humid weather often leads to the symptoms of loss of appetite, general fatigue, mental depression and sleepiness. In fact, the transportation function of the human spleen and stomach has been affected. So how can we improve it through diet? Now let's learn how to make the appetizer and spleen strengthening lotus root oyster soup in the summer.


appetizing and spleen strengthening lotus root oyster soup ingredients: 1 lotus root, 300g oysters, 3 dried shrimps, appropriate amount of broth, salt and chicken essence. Methods: 1. Peel the lotus root and cut it into pieces; 2. Blanch the oyster, cut it open and wash the sediment inside; 3. Pour the soup into the pot, add the above raw materials and bring to a boil; 4. Add other seasonings to taste and stew for 40 minutes.


lotus roots are cool, sweet and astringent; Return to heart, lung, spleen and stomach meridian. Lotus root is the hypertrophic rhizome of lotus in the water lily family. Lotus root contains starch, protein, asparagine, vitamin C and oxidase. Regular consumption of lotus root can tonify the heart, relieve hunger and thirst, generate muscle, stop vomiting, clear heat and relieve annoyance.

in addition, the effect of lotus root is very good for students who should take the test, patients with hemoptysis and gastric ulcer bleeding. Lotus root also contains dietary fiber, which has a good effect on relieving diarrhea, strengthening the spleen and appetizing. In addition, lotus root also contains a lot of tannic acid, which can shrink blood vessels, stop bleeding and disperse blood.

oysters are slightly cold and belong to the liver and gallbladder channels. Oysters contain glycogen, taurine, a variety of essential amino acids, vitamin E, copper, zinc, calcium and other components. Regular consumption of oyster meat can increase the content of glutathione in the human body. This substance can quickly eliminate the important factor of carcinogenesis - oxygen free radical, and then play the role of anti-cancer and anti-cancer.

in addition, taurine rich in oysters can promote the rapid absorption of fat soluble vitamins by the human body, reduce cholesterol content, promote bile secretion, and reduce fat and blood pressure.

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