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Three principles of summer diet make you eat healthier

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During the

summer season, the summer heat is still in full swing, coupled with the rampant autumn tiger, which makes the temperature keep hot for a period of time, which is still a big test for the human body. So what are the precautions in the diet during the summer? Now let nutrition experts tell you the three principles of summer diet.


diet is clean and should not be partial to summer. It is an opportunity for summer and autumn to change. The summer heat still has its lingering power, and the food is easy to deteriorate. As the saying goes, "disease comes from the mouth". Eating unclean food or rotten food can cause gastrointestinal diseases or intestinal parasitic diseases. We must pay attention to dietary hygiene. The food shall be prepared in an appropriate amount and try not to leave leftovers. Pastries, etc. shall not be placed for too long, and the bites of cockroaches and flies shall be strictly prevented. When eating fruits raw, be sure to wash them. Diet should not be partial, should be diversified, in order to play the role of comprehensive nutrition of the human body.


eat less fat and sweet, and it is better to be light. Fat and sweet generally refers to rich, greasy and sweet food, such as animal fat, sweet and greasy food, fried food, etc. Although this kind of food tastes delicious and sweet, you can't eat more. Modern medical research has confirmed that excessive consumption of fat and strong taste is one of the important factors that cause hypertension, arteriosclerosis, coronary heart disease and diabetes in the elderly. Pay more attention to prevention of such diseases during summer heat treatment. Traditional Chinese medicine advocates that diet should be light. The health preservation experience from ancient times to the present shows that light diet is an important reason for longevity. We should publicize the harm of eating fat, sweet and thick taste, and guide people to eat scientifically.


have moderate heat and cold, suitable soft and hard, and appropriate food temperature. People have different requirements for cold and hot diet. Generally speaking, those with positive constitution like cold drinks, while those with negative constitution like hot drinks. As people like, the temperature of diet can be adjusted appropriately, but it must not be too cold or too hot. Improper cold and temperature of food will not only stimulate the gastrointestinal tract, but also damage the Qi of yin and Yang.


have different requirements for the soft and hard food. Those with weak spleen and stomach, the elderly and children should eat semi liquid food, such as noodles and porridge; You can also buy soft foods according to the situation, such as wonton, steamed bread, cooked soft rice, etc. Especially for the elderly, the viscera are weak, the teeth are unfavorable, and the food is hard to digest. Ordinary people's food can not be too hard, but too soft will also affect appetite, so the soft and hard are appropriate.


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