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Walnuts mixed with white gourd can relieve phlegm and diuresis in the summer

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summer heat season, the weather is hot, which is most likely to hurt the body fluid and consume gas. Many people will feel upset, thirsty and loss of appetite. In terms of health preservation, diet and health preservation at this time should pay attention to generating body fluid and Supplementing Qi, clearing away heat and detoxification. So today, let's learn to make a hot summer health dish - Walnut mixed with white gourd that can dissipate phlegm, detoxify and diuresis.


walnut kernel mixed with white gourd for resolving phlegm, detoxification and diuresis: 100g white gourd, 10g walnut kernel, 15g garlic, appropriate amount of sesame oil, vinegar and salt. Methods: 1. Peel and pulp the white gourd, wash and shred it, and wash the walnut kernel; 2. Boil walnut kernel and white gourd silk in boiling water for a few minutes, remove and drain for standby; 3. Wash garlic and mash it; 4. Mix mashed garlic, sesame oil, vinegar and salt with shredded white gourd and walnut kernel.

winter melon: winter melon is cold and sweet; Return to lung, large intestine and bladder meridian. Wax gourd contains adenine, lupinol, mannitol, rhamnose and other components. Wax gourd has the effects of diuresis, clearing heat, generating saliva and relieving thirst, resolving phlegm and detoxification. It has a good adjuvant therapeutic effect on edema, fullness, beriberi, summer heat and thirst, arteriosclerosis, oral ulcer and so on. In addition, the blood sugar index of wax gourd is very low, and its effect on blood sugar is very small. It is a good food therapy for diabetics.


walnuts: according to traditional Chinese medicine, walnuts are warm in nature and sweet in taste; Return to kidney, lung and large intestine. Walnut contains protein, fat, sugar, calcium, iron, zinc, riboflavin, vitamin A, phospholipids and other components. Walnut has the effects of strengthening stomach and blood, warming lung and moistening intestines, nourishing spirit and so on. Shennong's herbal classic lists walnuts as the top grade for long-term service, light body, Qi and longevity. Modern medical research believes that the phospholipids in walnuts have a good health care effect on brain nerves.


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