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Prevent dampness and heat in summer heat, clear food soup and external treatment

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according to the theory of traditional Chinese medicine, the solar term of great heat belongs to the "long summer" season. At that time, it is humid, hot and rainy. Because the human spleen is the organ that "likes dryness and hates dampness", we should pay most attention to the health care and maintenance of the spleen at this time. Among them, the prevention of damp heat is the most important point. Let's understand the "three pronged approach" of preventing damp heat in great heat, which is said by health experts What's the way.


1. Clear diet Huoxiang carp soup: take one carp, slice the back and belly meat for standby, add green onion and ginger into hot oil to produce aroma, add high soup, add fish fillets, add a little yellow rice wine, cook for 20 minutes, add salt black bean, add 30g fresh Huoxiang filaments, cook for 2 minutes, and take soup. Efficacy: Invigorating Spleen and Qi, dehumidification and diuresis.

porridge: 20g Poria cocos powder, 100g japonica rice, a little salt and ginger. Clean the japonica rice. Put japonica rice and poria cocos powder into the pot, add some water, boil with martial fire, turn to slow fire until erosion, add salt and ginger, and mix well. Twice a day for morning and evening meals. It can strengthen the spleen and dispel dampness.


2. Lemon tea in soup: 25g fresh lemon (or 10g dry product) and 2 pieces of fresh ginger. Fry in 500ml boiling water for 3 minutes, put it in a tea cup and drink it. It can be soaked again, 1 dose a day. It can dispel heat, remove dampness and nourish the stomach.


, "five leaf reed root drink" 3 grams of patchouli leaf, mint leaf and lotus leaf respectively, 30 grams of loquat leaf, fresh reed root and Perrin leaf respectively, 60 grams of white gourd and an appropriate amount of white sugar. Wash the ingredients. First fry about 500 ml of loquat leaf and white gourd soup instead of water, then add the medicine and fry it for 10 minutes, and mix in white sugar to make it fragrant, moistening, strengthening the spleen and waking up the stomach.

fragrant orchid herbal tea: wash 9g of Agastache and 9g of Perrin, put it in a teapot with 6G of green tea, add 500ml of boiled water, cover it for 5 minutes, cool and wait for drinking. This herbal tea can relieve heat and dispel wind, clear summer heat and remove dampness, appetizer and stop vomiting. It also helps to prevent heatstroke. It is suitable for patients in the early stage of summer heat and cold. The beauty of this herbal tea is that Huoxiang and Peilan are warm. They are suitable for people with deficiency of cold in the spleen and stomach. There is no need to worry about hurting the spleen and stomach.


3. External treatment: moxibustion or rubbing: Chengshan point, Sanyinjiao, Yinling spring and Zusanli can strengthen the spleen and stomach and help to transport moisture in the body; People with excessive internal humidity can also moxibustion Shenque point at the navel with moxa sticks.


push the spleen meridian to treat dampness: summer heat mostly carries dampness, "all dampness swelling and fullness belong to the spleen". The spleen governs the transport of dampness, so the key to dispelling dampness is to strengthen the spleen. Teach you the method of strengthening the spleen and removing dampness without taking medicine. Use your fingers to push from Sanyinjiao point to yinlingquan point along the bone edge, and push repeatedly. In the process of pushing, find the most painful point, push it until it doesn't hurt, and the spleen meridian will be unobstructed. Insist on doing it every day, not only strengthening the spleen and dampness, but also reducing weight and beauty.


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