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The scientific principle of eating chicken in summer

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The so-called

chick refers to a cockerel whose body weight reaches one kilogram to one and a half kilogrammes within three months, has not been bred, and can not sing. In the folk of central and Northern Hunan, eating baby chicken in the summer is a long-standing tonic method. So what's the scientific reason for eating chicken in summer? Let's have a look.


from a scientific point of view, there is a certain scientific reason for eating children's chickens in the summer solar term. Winter makes up for three or nine, summer makes up for three volts, and the great heat comes before and after the "Zhongfu". Summer heat is easy to injure body fluid, which makes people lack of Qi and blood, and the consumption of human body is very large. Eating a little chicken can warm and replenish qi, which can lay a good foundation for carrying the summer heat.

poultry meat is mainly composed of protein, followed by fat, microorganisms and minerals. It is the best choice for tonic in the summer. From the perspective of nutrition, children's chickens contain more protein than old chickens, are more easily absorbed by the human body, and can quickly enhance their physical strength.

in addition, chicks contain certain growth hormone, which has a good tonic effect on children in the growth and development stage. Eating baby chicken has a good tonic effect on middle-aged and elderly people with decreased hormone levels. Even young people with weak physique can try it.


compared with the old chicken, the soup made by children's chicken is not so greasy. Therefore, it is best to make children's chicken by steaming or stewing, and the nutritional loss is the least. Whether steamed, stewed or fried, the first thing to keep in cooking is the "tenderness" of children's chicken. Once cooked, the significance of children's chicken will be lost. Therefore, as long as it is cooked, the cooking time should not be delayed too long.


need to be reminded that when making children's chickens, it is not suitable to use hot seasoning, such as octagons, fennel, cinnamon, chili and other hot and warm products, which can help to heat the fire. People with colds and fever, strong internal fire and heavy phlegm and dampness had better not use children's chickens for tonic.

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