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There are two key points: transforming Qi and generating fluid, removing dampness and removing annoyance, and maintaining health in summer

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is the hottest solar term in a year. High temperature and high humidity form an annoying "sauna day". People are easily upset, irritable and unwell. In traditional Chinese medicine, the two key points of heat preservation lie in transforming Qi, generating fluid and removing dampness and annoyance. Let's have a detailed understanding.


, 化气生津和化湿除烦,大暑养生两重点,


turn Qi into fluid, and the summer solar terms are around the "moderate depression", which is the time when extreme heat prevails. Hot weather is easy to consume the body's Qi and fluid, so there is the saying that "there is no disease in summer". The elderly, children and those with weak body Qi are more difficult to resist the heat, and are prone to dizziness, palpitation, chest tightness, massive sweating and other symptoms. At this time, it is very necessary to timely turn Qi into fluid and supplement the loss of body Qi and fluid, so as to improve the symptoms.


Li Shizhen, a doctor in the Ming Dynasty, put forward that "porridge is the best diet when it comes to the intestines and stomach." it means that drinking porridge can strengthen the spleen, replenish qi, generate stomach fluid and replenish deficiency. It is suitable to drink lotus leaf mung bean porridge, job's tears Lily porridge and chrysanthemum porridge in summer. It can not only benefit Qi and body fluid, but also clear away heat and relieve summer heat. The elderly, children and people with weak spleen and stomach function can also put some Huai yam and poria cocos when cooking porridge. The effect of strengthening spleen and stomach will be better.

in addition, daily diet should pay attention to eating more light and Yin nourishing foods, such as lotus root, honey, jujube, egg, fungus, soybean milk, etc.


remove dampness and annoyance. In summer, the temperature is high and the humidity is high, and muggy sauna days often occur. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that dampness is Yin evil. Its nature tends to decline, heavy turbidity and viscosity, and suppresses Qi mechanism. If you don't show your Qi in your chest, you are easy to get upset. At this time, you can fry fresh Patchouli leaves, mint leaves, Perrin, Wormwood Leaves, etc. and take a bath with them. These plants smell fragrant. They can not only wake up and remove annoyance, but also dispel dampness and relieve your skin. However, people with allergic constitution should use them with caution.

at the same time, in the summer heat season, eating bitter foods such as balsam pear and bitter vegetables can not only appetize, but also wake up the brain and make people feel relaxed, so as to dispel dampness and annoyance.

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