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Treat common diseases in summer. These dishes can be tried

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The solar term

is in the early autumn, which is the beginning of dry days and dry Qi. People who have just changed seasons may have symptoms such as cough, less phlegm, dry throat, dry nose and dry mouth, and some respiratory diseases may also occur repeatedly. So how to treat these common diseases in summer? Let's try the following health dishes.


, 百合汁,


tuberculosis: tuberculosis is a chronic infectious disease caused by Mycobacterium tuberculosis, which can involve multiple organs in the body, but tuberculosis is the most common. Patients with bacteria are the source of social infection. People infected with tuberculosis do not necessarily get sick, but only when their resistance is low.

lily juice: 2-3 fresh lilies. Preparation and usage: wash the lily, mash it, take the juice, and rinse it with warm boiled water. 2 doses per day. Efficacy: moistening lung and relieving cough. Indications: pulmonary tuberculosis, cough, hemoptysis, and senile chronic bronchitis with emphysema.


glutinous rice, job's tears and jujube porridge materials: 150g Brown glutinous rice, 30g job's tears and 8 jujubes. Preparation and usage: cook porridge and take it according to the usual method. 1 dose per day. Efficacy: tonifying Qi, strengthening spleen and nourishing blood. Indications: pulmonary tuberculosis, neurasthenia, anemia, etc.


abalone dish ingredients: Abalone meat and seasoning. Preparation and usage: cook and eat according to the normal method, 1 dose a day. Efficacy: Nourishing Yin and blood, softening liver and brightening eyes. Indications: pulmonary tuberculosis, hot flashes, night sweats.


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