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Two tips for health preservation in summer: patting the abdomen, kneading the abdomen, detoxifying and expelling cold

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China's traditional Chinese medicine pays attention to "health preservation in time". It believes that the weather is the hottest in the summer every year, and the summer heat is very vigorous. It is a good time to "treat winter diseases in summer" and expel cold and toxin. So is there any secret to keeping in good health during the summer heat? Now let's understand the tips of health care and health preservation in summer, detoxification and cold expelling.


, 大暑养生两诀窍,拍腹揉腹排毒又驱寒,


and "health preservation in time" are important principles of health preservation of traditional Chinese medicine, so it is said that "Yang is maintained in spring and summer, Yin is maintained in autumn and winter". The Yellow Emperor's Canon of internal medicine also mentions that "a wise person must avoid cold and heat in the four seasons." all these show that the human body must adapt to the natural changes in the four seasons, so as to strengthen the human body's ability to adapt to seasonal and climate changes, so as to ensure physical health and reduce the occurrence of diseases.

and before and after the heat stroke is the hottest time of the year, so you will feel particularly hot. At this time, if you want to detoxify, you can use two methods: patting the abdomen and kneading the abdomen. It is recommended to pat the abdomen once a week, where the fat is most abundant on both sides of the navel, or where there is fat caking, and pat with both hands for 10 minutes. After slapping, some people will have Sha spots and spots of different colors such as red, purple, blue and black. It is said that this is the performance of the stagnant cold and dampness and fire poison in the body. If you drink a cup of warm water immediately after shooting, you can speed up the detoxification.

in addition, kneading the abdomen can also effectively expel cold and warm the abdomen. There is a folk saying: "kneading the abdomen cures all diseases". The lower abdomen is the Yin in the Yin and is the favorite place for cold gathering, so kneading the abdomen is very key, and the Laogong point in the palm of the hand is the fire point, which has the effect of warming and nourishing. Often massage the lower abdomen with the palm of your hand to fever, which can not only effectively expel cold and warm the abdomen, but also nourish yuan and Qi, nourish yin and Yang. Knead the lower abdomen in the morning, middle and evening every day, first counterclockwise, and then clockwise. The strength should be moderate. If it can drive the soft tissue of the abdomen, it is better. The lower abdomen is normal temperature and full of vitality.


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