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Proper spicy food for heat dissipation and detoxification can reduce weight

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summer heat season, people are prone to the symptoms of mental depression and loss of appetite. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that this is affected by the hot summer weather. To improve it, the key is to expel the moisture in the body. Adding more "spicy flavor" to the diet in this season can not only enhance appetite, but also dissipate heat and detoxify. There are many benefits. Let's understand now.

大暑适当吃辣 散热排毒可瘦身

reconcile the hot and cold summer sun, and people's chances of contacting cold food are greatly increased compared with other seasons. In addition to drinking cold drinks and eating popsicles, fruits and vegetables such as watermelon, cucumber, balsam pear, winter melon, towel gourd, eggplant and radish, which people often eat in summer, belong to cold food. Eating too much is easy to damage the spleen and stomach, ranging from epigastric discomfort to stomachache.

if we mix a little pepper, it can balance cold and heat. Such as fried balsam pear, fried cabbage, cold cucumber, Korean kimchi, radish kimchi, etc. These dishes actually contain the wisdom of "cold heat harmony" and "raising Yang in spring and summer".


appetizers help digestion. Chili peppers are spicy and stimulating. No matter what dish is served with chili peppers, it tastes especially delicious. Among the people, pepper is also known as "appetizer" and "next meal". The heat is unbearable in summer. Most people have no appetite and don't want to eat. Eating some pepper can promote appetite and appetizer.

dehumidification and cooling why do people in Sichuan, Hunan, Guangxi, Jiangxi and Guizhou like spicy food? Because the climate in those places is humid, and pepper can dehumidify and drive out the excess moisture in the body. In summer, there is much rain and heavy moisture. Eating some pepper properly can remove moisture.


studies have found that eating pepper has a cooling effect. This is mainly because when you first eat pepper, your body will feel a tingling, but after the tingling, the spicy stimulation just left a layer of glittering sweat on your face; When the sweat evaporates, it will take away the excess heat of the body, and the cool feeling that surprises you must come as scheduled.


are particular about eating hot peppers in summer. It is best to eat fresh peppers because fresh peppers are more nutritious and "firepower" is smaller. It is better to eat less dry peppers and chili noodles. After high temperature cooking and frying, the spicy taste of fresh pepper will be reduced. In addition, if pepper has been put in the dish, don't put hot spices such as pepper, seasoning and cinnamon, otherwise it will be easier to get angry. Before cooking, soak the pepper in vinegar for a while, or add some vinegar when cooking hot dishes, which can also alleviate the fire.


pay attention to the combination of ingredients, eat spicy food and some cool food, which can play a "neutralizing" role and clear away heat and fire. Duck, fish, balsam pear, lotus root, water chestnut, tofu and lettuce are cool foods, which can clear away heat, generate fluid, nourish yin and reduce irritability. They are the best partner of spicy dishes. The staple food of


should be coarse grain, because coarse grain is rich in dietary fiber, which can prevent constipation caused by irritability of intestines and stomach. Corn or sweet potato is a good choice. In addition, job's tears can also reduce irritability. If it is supplemented by lily porridge, the effect is more obvious.


should drink more water or soup when eating spicy food, which is easy to cause symptoms such as dry throat and cleft lip, and pay more attention to supplement water. Chrysanthemum tea and sour plum soup are the best "fire extinguishers", or drinking a cup of yogurt or milk can not only relieve the spicy, but also clear away the heat.


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