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Why and in what year was the average voltage of 20 days in 2016

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and "count three nines in winter and three volts in summer" are common knowledge of life. From today on, we have entered the "moderate voltage" season in 2016. In such a day when the summer heat is upgraded and "sauna" every day, some people who want to get through the heat as soon as possible may ask, why is the moderate voltage in 2016 not 10 days, but 20 days longer? In what year will there be 20 days?


the specific time of dog days in 2016: July 17, 2016 - July 26, 2016, the first volt, 10 days, July 27, 2016 - August 15, 2016, the medium volt, 20 days, August 16, 2016 - August 25, 2016, the last volt, 10 days. The "medium volt" of


in 2016 has a total of 20 days. Why is there a year of "medium volt" It's 10 days. In some years, the "medium voltage" is 20 days, which seems irregular? It turned out that this was caused by the provisions of the calendar.

in ancient China, the "Ganzhi Jiri method" was popular. 60 groups of different names made of 10 heavenly stems and 12 earth branches were used to remember the days and recycle them. Every day when there is a Geng word is called Geng day. The word "Geng" in Geng RI is the seventh of the 10 heavenly stems of "a, B, C, D, e, oneself, Geng, Xin, Ren and GUI". Geng RI is repeated every 10 days. From the summer solstice, according to the arrangement of Gan Zhi Ji days, the third Geng day is the first one, the fourth Geng day is the middle one, and the first Geng day after the beginning of autumn is the last one. According to the traditional calendar of


, the third "Geng day" after the summer solstice begins to enter the "first fall", while the first "Geng day" after the beginning of autumn enters the "last fall". If the summer solstice is far from the "Geng day", 20 days after entering the "Fu", it will begin to enter the "last Fu" after the beginning of autumn, so that the "medium Fu" will only be 10 days. If the "Geng day" is close to the summer solstice and the "autumn" is not yet reached on the 20th day after entering the "volt", the "medium volt" must be extended for 10 days, so that the "medium volt" will last for 20 days.

in other words, when there are 4 Geng days between the summer solstice and the beginning of autumn, the medium voltage is 10 days. If there are 5 Geng days, the medium voltage is 20 days. It seems that the occurrence of Geng day will affect the length of medium voltage. Therefore, there are 30 days in some years and 40 days in some years.


from this, the "summer solstice" in 2016 is June 21, and the 27th is the first "Geng day" thereafter. The third "Geng day" is July 17, that is, the "first ambush". It begins to enter the "middle ambush" on July 27. August 5 is before the beginning of autumn (7), so the "middle ambush" will be extended for 10 days. If the first "Geng day" after the summer solstice is any day between June 22 and 27, it will be 20 days. According to statistics, in the 70 years from 1981 to 2050, there are 20 years with "medium voltage" of 10 days and 50 years with "medium voltage" of 20 days.


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