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Four kinds of disease removing porridge in the cold solar term are hot, delicious and healthy

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cold season, it is extremely cold, and everything gathers and hides. According to the traditional health preservation theory, people should pay attention to keeping warm and expelling the cold, health care and health preservation, and pay attention to Tibet, Yin, kidney and spleen. At this time, if you want to eat tonic, all kinds of delicious porridge foods are a good choice. They are delicious, moisten dryness, dispel diseases and maintain health. So let's take a look at the four hot cold solar terms disease removing porridge recommended by traditional Chinese medicine.


mutton radish porridge raw materials: 100-150g refined mutton, 150g japonica rice, 1 radish, a little scallion and refined salt. Preparation method: 1. Wash the mutton and cut it into small pieces; Wash the radish and cut it into two large pieces. 2. Put the mutton and radish into the pot and stew them with water to remove the smell of mutton. When the mutton is about to be cooked, take out the radish and don't use it. 3. Wash the japonica rice, put it into the mutton pot, add scallion and cook it into porridge. Season with salt. For breakfast and dinner. Efficacy: this porridge has the effects of helping Yuanyang, tonifying essence and blood, and benefiting asthenia and fatigue.


leek porridge raw materials: 30-60g leek, 100g japonica rice, a little refined salt. Preparation method: 1. Take fresh leeks, remove impurities, wash, cut into fine pieces and set aside. 2. Wash the japonica rice, put it into the pot, and add an appropriate amount of water to cook porridge. 3. When the porridge boils, add leek and salt and cook it into porridge. Take it warm in the morning and dinner. Efficacy: this porridge has the effects of warming and Tonifying Kidney Yang, solidifying essence and stopping legacy, strengthening spleen and warming stomach, promoting qi and dispersing blood. It is applicable to the symptoms caused by insufficient kidney yang, such as cold shape and limb, impotence and spermatorrhea, chronic diarrhea, cold pain in the abdomen, frequent urination, women's leucorrhea, menstrual pain, etc. Note: 1. Leeks should be cooked and fresh. Cook and eat now. Don't eat overnight porridge. 2. Yin deficiency and internal heat. People with eye diseases should not eat.

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