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Health preservation in traditional Chinese medicine: three methods of health preservation in cold days

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counting nine cold days is the coldest stage of the year. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that counting nine is a good time for human health care. At this time, people should pay attention to keeping warm and keeping out of the cold. At the same time, they can also eat and supplement appropriately to ensure adequate sleep, so that they can be refreshed to welcome the arrival of the new year. So let's learn about the three methods of health preservation in nine cold days suggested by professional traditional Chinese medicine doctors.


keep warm and keep warm. The most important thing is to enter "19", and the weather becomes very cold. "All diseases arise from cold". Cold reduces the resistance of human body. It is not only easy to infect pathogenic microorganisms, but also may cause or aggravate a variety of original chronic basic diseases. Therefore, winter is the peak of critical diseases such as cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, gastric ulcer and lung infection. Therefore, active defensive and warm keeping measures should be taken in winter to make the human body feel warm and comfortable, smooth blood vessels and warm hands and feet. The proverb


says: "the wind comes in from behind the neck, and the cold comes from under the feet". In cold seasons, citizens should not only wear high necked sweaters, but also wear a bib to avoid the cold. When facing the wind, you should cover it with a scarf or wear a mask to avoid paralysis after cold. The elderly must wear a warm hat. In addition to the head and neck, we should also pay attention to the warmth of the feet. Thick leggings, warm knee pads, fleece cotton shoes or leather boots are good choices. While


tonic, don't forget winter moxibustion. Traditional Chinese medicine pays attention to the way of raising Tibet. It is said that "tonic in winter and fighting tigers in the coming year". When it comes to medicinal diet tonic in winter, many people will immediately think of "Angelica ginger mutton soup" in Treatise on febrile diseases, especially many women and old people with cold hands and feet will try it. However, according to the opinions of professional traditional Chinese medicine doctors, although it is beautiful to eat mutton in cold weather, it is also exquisite.

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