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How to eat it? Eating more red beans has a miraculous effect

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red bean is a staple food that people often eat in daily life. Its sweet taste makes it deeply loved by people. However, in addition to being delicious, red beans are also very healthy food with good health preserving effects. So let's learn about the medical truth of eating red beans every winter.


red beans, also known as red adzuki beans and red adzuki beans, are also known as "rice beans" because they are rich in starch. They are indispensable small cereals in people's dietary life. As early as the Ming Dynasty, the compendium of Materia Medica recorded the therapeutic function of red beans: "regulating body fluid, promoting urination, detumescence and stopping vomiting", which can "detoxify alcohol, eliminate cold, heat, pain and swelling, expel pus and blood, and dredge milk". In the view of traditional Chinese medicine, there is a reason to eat more red beans, because it can increase adrenaline secretion and enhance blood circulation.


are also popular among the people in China. For example, the red bean mulberry white skin soup recorded in the collection of Materia Medica uses 60g of red beans and 30g of mulberry white skin, decoct the soup with water, remove mulberry white skin, drink soup and eat beans. It has the effect of strengthening the spleen, promoting water and detumescence, and is mainly used to treat spleen deficiency, edema, beriberi and urination. As recorded in the "houbuke recipe", red beans are boiled with 250 grams of white grass roots and 250 grams of red beans, boiled with water until dry, removed the white grass roots, and chewed the beans several times, which has the effect of strengthening the spleen and diuresis. It is mainly used for edema and adverse urination.

in addition, red beans are mixed with other cereals to make staple foods such as bean rice, bean porridge and bean paste bag, which has become a constant scientific eating method since ancient times. There are two ways to make the bean paste in the


bean paste bag: one is not to peel, after the red beans are boiled, they are pressed into bean paste with the skin and fried directly; The other is to press the red beans into mashed beans, pour them into the filter screen, put a bowl of water under the net and wash them a little. The bean paste sinks into the water and the skin remains in the net. After all washing, the bean paste is put into the pot with water and fried slowly. When boiling red beans, add cold water after boiling, which can speed up the boiling and flowering of red beans. When frying bean paste, don't be too dry, because the water will evaporate during cooling.


have bean paste, then add an appropriate amount of lye into the fermented flour, knead it evenly, rub it into long strips, add the agent according to the amount, press the agent into the bottom shape of the pot with thick middle and thin edge, support the skin with the left hand and spoon the filling into the skin with the right hand, tighten the agent mouth and knead it into shape. Finish it in turn and steam it in the drawer. It is a bean paste bag with the function of "reducing swelling and urinating".

however, nutrition experts point out that some people will add alkali when cooking red beans. Although this can accelerate the softening of red beans, it will destroy the nutrients in red beans and reduce the absorption of iron by the human body.


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