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It's too cold in the south. Three kinds of delicious food are indispensable

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The weather is cold in the

cold season. Since ancient times, people have attached great importance to the health preservation of the cold solar terms. There are also many ways to eat in response to the season, such as drinking ginseng wine to drive away the cold and keep warm, taking Qiju Dihuang pills to nourish the kidney and liver, and so on. So in the cold season, what are the special eating habits in southern China? Now let's take a look at the three indispensable delicacies in the south.


glutinous rice is very cold in the small cold. Lao Guang pays attention to eating "warm hat" (meaning hot) glutinous rice for the festival, so as to nourish and expel the cold. People believe that glutinous rice contains more sugar than rice. After eating, the whole body feels warm and is conducive to expelling the cold. Traditional Chinese medicine theory holds that glutinous rice has the effect of Tonifying the middle and Supplementing Qi, and it is most suitable to eat glutinous rice in cold seasons. In addition, glutinous rice implies warmth. From the beginning to the end of the year, it means "warm Li", which is auspicious.


glutinous rice should be eaten in the morning, but now only dinner can "gather the whole family" and gradually change to glutinous rice in the evening. Laoguang's glutinous rice is cooked from high calorie foods such as shrimp, bacon, peanuts and glutinous rice. It is suitable for nourishing and warming the stomach, tonifying the middle school and expelling the cold.


first prepare some glutinous rice. Usually, the rice cooked with pure glutinous rice will be too soft and not chewy, so it is recommended to add a small amount of stained rice. Three achievements are OK. Put water to cook until seven mature, add chopped bacon, shrimp, mushrooms, etc. if you want to eat more delicious, add squid and scallop. After the rice is cooked, stir fry a few peanuts if you like, put them down with scallions, and fish them evenly.

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