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Frost falls and nourishes Yang Qi. You can eat more red dates and ginger

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frost reduction solar term is a transitional solar term at the turn of autumn and winter. Traditional Chinese medicine health preservation believes that people's food supplement at this time should focus on "flat supplement". For example, Angelica sinensis, longan, red jujube and ginger are all foods that can help people drive away cold, keep warm and supplement Yang. Let's take a look at the red jujube ginger soup that matches red jujube and ginger during frost reduction.


red jujube ginger soup ingredients: 30g dry ginger and red jujube respectively, with an appropriate amount of brown sugar. Methods: 1. Wash the dry ginger and red jujube, put them into the pot and add water to boil; 2. Cook over low heat for about 30 minutes, add 30g brown sugar, boil again, drink soup and eat dates. Application: this soup can help treat colds. It is also suitable for people who stay in air-conditioned rooms for a long time in the morning and morning.


traditional Chinese medicine believe that red jujube has the functions of sweet taste, warm nature, spleen and stomach meridian, tonifying zhongyiqi, nourishing blood and calming nerves, and alleviating drug properties. Modern pharmacological research shows that jujube can enhance the oxygen content in the blood and nourish the cells of the whole body. It is a strong agent with mild effect. Fresh jujube has the effects of strengthening and moistening the spleen and stomach, nourishing blood and Tonifying Qi. People with deficiency of Qi and blood and poor spleen and stomach function are suitable to eat more, 8-10 a day. It should be noted that people with excessive phlegm and secret stool should be careful to eat, because jujube is too hot, which will help the fire generate heat.


nutrition experts also remind that when selecting the ginger needed for this soup, we should pay attention not to just look at the appearance. Nine times out of ten, the ginger with bright yellow skin and smooth touch has been smoked with sulfur, while good ginger generally has mud. The skin can see the texture clearly, it is rough, the color is light yellow, and it doesn't matter if it has a green head.


if you don't get it right and buy it home, you should pay attention to eating the ginger without the skin, because sulfur fumigation generally only affects the ginger skin and has little effect on the ginger meat. In addition, if ginger doesn't sprout, it means it's not new ginger. It's recommended to avoid buying it. It doesn't matter if ginger sprouts. After buying ginger back, you should also pay attention to eating it early. You can put it for one or two months in winter. Don't buy too much at one time.


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