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Winter is coming, you can eat more of the three sour foods of "raising autumn"

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traditional health science believes that it is a good time to "raise autumn" before the beginning of winter. At this time, making good reserves for the body can help people meet the arrival of winter healthily. Nutrition experts point out that "reducing pungent and increasing acid" is the key point of dietary supplement in this period, especially the three sour foods can be eaten more. Let's understand now.


traditional Chinese medicine believes that the five internal organs corresponding to autumn are the lungs. Deficiency of Lung Qi will reduce the body's tolerance to adverse stimuli and easily lead to irritability and depression. Therefore, in terms of diet and health care in autumn, we should eat more foods that converge lung qi, such as sour fruits and vegetables.


these fruits and vegetables contain tannic acid, organic acid, cellulose and other substances, which can stimulate the secretion of gastrointestinal digestive juice and accelerate the peristalsis of gastrointestinal tract. The normal operation of the gastrointestinal system can promote the normal secretion of various body fluids in the human body and ensure the normal transmission of body fluids to various organs and tissues of the human body, which is called "nourishing yin and moistening dryness" in traditional Chinese medicine.


lemon tastes more sour and bitter than other oranges because the content of organic acids is more than ten times higher than that of oranges, oranges and other fruits. Organic acids are the "bodyguard" of vitamin C. eating more lemons in late autumn can effectively prevent dry skin and fire. Just soak it in lemon water at ordinary times.


sour plum is an alkaline food, which is especially suitable for people with liver fire. It helps digestion of the spleen and stomach, nourishes the liver and improves resistance. Sour plum is good for soup and stew.


kimchi it is recommended to make your own kimchi without or less pepper and soak it for 20 to 30 days. Kimchi is a fermented food. While retaining most of the nutrition of fresh vegetables, it increases acid components such as lactic acid, which can strengthen the spleen, appetizer, enhance appetite, and help to improve the solubility of calcium and phosphorus in the intestine. It is less exposed to the sun in winter. Eating more kimchi can also prevent bone loss.


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