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What do you eat? Paste the prescription and correct it

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in Chinese traditional medicine, there are eight dosage forms: pill, powder, ointment, pill, wine, dew, soup and ingot. Ointment formula is one of them. It is generally composed of many traditional Chinese medicines and has a good nourishing effect. Health experts pointed out that according to the theory of "spring birth, long summer, autumn harvest and winter storage" of traditional Chinese medicine, winter is the best time for tonic, and it is time to count nine food tonics and ointment.


count nine cold days, the ground is frozen and the sky is cold, and the elderly and physically weak people are easy to get sick. At this time, ointment is selected for tonic. It is a traditional health care medicine for tonic in winter, and it has a good effect on chronic diseases when it is closed in winter.


ointment, also known as plaster, is a traditional Chinese medicine dosage form with the functions of tonifying deficiency, treating disease, regulating body and improving physique. With the progress of society and the improvement of people's living standards, plaster, a special product for dignitaries in the past, has also flown into ordinary people's homes and become a good medicine for people to adjust and supplement their bodies, improve their physique and treat diseases.


health cream are generally made of nourishing food or medicine, Decoction with water, juice, concentration and honey or paste. They have the characteristics of good taste, convenient use and easy preservation. Because the ointment can make those who have disease and deficiency recover and recover as soon as possible, and make those who have no disease have hyperactivity of healthy qi, healthy body and fewer diseases, it is deeply loved by people.


autumn pear paste (selected from the original materia medica): 2000g pear, 30g winter flower, 30g Ophiopogon japonicus, 30g lily, 30g Fritillaria thunbergii and 500g honey. Production usage: peel the pear, cut it into pieces, press it into juice with a juicer, and set aside; Put the winter flower, lily, Ophiopogon japonicus and Fritillaria in the pot, add water to decoct, remove the residue and take the juice for 3 times, combine the juice for 3 times (Tianxia Health Network), decoct with slow fire, concentrate it until it is as thick as paste, add honey, heat it to boil, cease fire, wait for cold, and bottle it for standby. Take out 15g each time and brew with boiling water twice a day. Prescription: pear, the main ingredient in this prescription, has the functions of Nourishing Yin, moistening dryness, moistening lung and relieving cough; This winter flower is warm, moistening lung qi, relieving cough and resolving phlegm; Lily and Ophiopogon japonicus both have the function of moistening lung and nourishing yin; Fritillaria thunbergii is good at clearing heat and resolving phlegm; Honey moistens the lungs and strengthens the spleen. The combination of all things plays the functions of moistening the lung, relieving cough, generating fluid and moistening dryness. This prescription can be used as a health cream for preventing and treating influenza in late autumn and early winter.


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