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When Cantonese return to Nantian, they still have to make soup every day

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returns to the south, the moisture is very heavy. Once it invades the body, it will have a bad impact on people's health. In terms of health preservation, detoxification and dampness removal are very important in such high humidity weather. Let's take a look at what kind of health preservation soup Cantonese cook in Huinan weather.


lentil and job's tears stewed chicken feet materials: 2G lentil, 2G job's tears, 50g chicken feet, 1 piece of ginger, salt, etc. Practice: chicken feet should "fly into the water" before entering the soup (i.e. once in the boiling water); Put lentils, job's tears, chicken feet and ginger slices into a stew cup or clay pot. After cooking, add salt to taste. Efficacy: Invigorating the spleen, removing dampness, relaxing muscles and activating collaterals.


golden needle crucian carp tofu soup material: one crucian carp, one dry golden needle, 1-2 pieces of tofu. Beat ginger flat. Practice: fry both sides of crucian carp into golden yellow, cut off the head with a golden needle and cut two sections. Soak and wash the sand. Cook all the ingredients together for 2 minutes, or set it to pressure cooker soup mode. (PS: soup bag is recommended for fish soup to avoid fish bones falling apart) efficacy: reduce fire, dispel dampness and promote water. This soup is first-class in dispelling deficiency fire.


Poria cocos root lean meat soup materials: appropriate amount of fresh soil Poria cocos, 80g of white grass root, 10 red dates, 400g of pig lean meat and 3 pieces of ginger. Preparation: wash each object separately. Cut Poria cocos into pieces; Grass root cutting section; Remove the core of red jujube. Put ginger and ginger into the earthen pot, add 2500 ml of water (10 bowls), bring to a boil, change to slow fire for 2 hours, and add an appropriate amount of salt. Efficacy: dispelling dampness and sleepiness, clearing away heat and detoxification.


raw fish soup with red bean and white gourd ingredients: one raw fish, slaughtered, 500g white gourd (with skin), 60g red bean, 5 onions, soup without salt. Method: cut open the raw fish, remove the scales and intestines, and then wash it; Cut the skin of white gourd into blocks, smash the scallions, and put the raw fish and red beans into the pot; Cook the raw fish in 4 bowls of water until they are cooked. Season with salt and serve. Efficacy: tonifying the spleen, benefiting water and detumescence. Its function is to tonify the spleen without leaving evil, benefiting water without damaging healthy qi.


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