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Expert advice: four don't do for the elderly in summer

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After the arrival of

summer solar term, the weather will really turn into autumn. For middle-aged and elderly friends with weak physique, the temperature changes of hot at noon and cool in the morning and evening can easily affect their health. Therefore, we should pay special attention to health preservation and adjust their daily diet and daily life. Let's learn about the four practices that experts suggest should be avoided for the elderly.

专家建议:老年人处暑养生四不要 you may like the climatic characteristics of summer

I. don't let your stomach catch cold. People's spleen and stomach function will become worse in old age. Cold food will make your stomach uncomfortable. In early autumn, food cooking should focus on stewing and simmering, and less cold food. If you like cold food, you'd better add some chopped green onion or ginger, which can not only warm your stomach, but also have the effect of sterilization.

2. Don't drink too little water. In early autumn, the temperature in some areas is still relatively high. When it's hot, the elderly can't wait for thirst to drink water. They should supplement water regularly and quantitatively. You can prepare a small capacity water cup and swallow it with a small mouth. The amount of each time is about half a cup.

III. don't expose your eyes to the sun. For the elderly, your eyes are more afraid of the sun than your skin. Exposure to the sun for a long time will lead to "senile macular disease" in advance. For the elderly patients with eye diseases such as cataract and keratitis, protecting their eyes from ultraviolet rays can promote the recovery of the disease. If you want to go out, you'd better wear sunglasses, a sun hat or an umbrella.

4. Don't go out for exercise in the morning. In order to avoid the sunshine in autumn, some elderly people go to the park early in the morning for morning exercise, which is not good for their health. First, the ground air pollution before sunrise is serious, which is easy to cause respiratory tract infection. Second, the elderly have high blood cohesion in the morning and are easy to form thrombosis, which is the peak of heart attack. After 5 o'clock in the afternoon, people's sensitivity, coordination and adaptability are in the best state, and the temperature is also low, which is very suitable for exercise.


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