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Great cold must send wine to fight for pride: appreciation of poems describing great cold

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severe cold is the last solar term in a year. The ancients said that this solar term is "the reverse pole of cold, so it is called severe cold". It can be seen that most parts of China have entered the coldest period of the year, and the scenes of ice, snow and freezing are very common. This cold weather did not freeze the nibs of ancient poets. Now let's enjoy some poems describing the great cold.


in the Song Dynasty, Shaoyong's old snow has not disappeared, and the new snow has many households. Frozen silver bed in front of the steps, cornice ice bell milk. The clear sun has no light, and the strong wind is angry. Every man has his tongue, and words cannot vomit.


and Zhong Meng sit in Song Wentong's sleeping bird at night, startling the broken wild goose, and work alone in the quiet dust. The wind blows in the north, the frost is majestic, the clouds press the south mountain, and the snow is high. Sleep less before you know the effectiveness of tea. In the cold, you must send wine for pride. The inkstone ice is old and the lantern flowers are old. They still hold my robe to the books.


yuan Shayuan song zenggong ascended the mountain to a high peak in the south, and the top porch was not tired of work. The sea is often bleak, and the pines and bamboos are more bleak in the cold. After Taiwan and Japan, they always sell fragrant seal characters, and talk about the wind and falling dust of Xi. I also want to be complacent. The water in the glass bottle shines on qiuhao.


came out of the west gate of Jiangling in the cold. In Song Dynasty, Lu You came out of the west gate in pingming, and the light sun was cold and the clouds were spitting and swallowing for a long time. It's easy to wake up when the wind blows on the drunk face. Heavy fur hides his hand and takes a little temperature. One after another, Fox and rabbit cast deep Mang and scattered cattle and sheep far away from the village. Without much emotion for the mountains and rivers, the old poor wanderer lost his soul.


return to ciguichuan in the cold Song Dynasty. Zheng Yu's land is like a wild wind, coming from the side of Heishan. Kun Wei wants to move, and the cold sun is green. The flying sand hit my face and the snow stained my clothes. Don't you have a jade pot of wine and drink it with ice. Birds and animals leave no trace. We can be safe. This Han soil in the clouds has not been our Xinjiang for a few years. The vitality is cracked, and the old Yin is prosperous and strong. The East Sun blows the sea, and cold frost is buried here. After poverty, falling fingers is common. Settle in the emperor's Ze, vast and gradually poor and desolate. Sweep away the evil atmosphere and customs and bathe in Chulan soup. There are 100000 houses in the east wind, and the painting buildings are long in spring. Grass steps on the edge of brocade boots, and flowers enter Luoyi fragrance. Pedestrians roll their sleeves and return to their hometown with a long song. The village of


was bitter and cold. In December of the eighth year of Tang Bai Juyi, snow fell on the fifth day. Bamboo and cypress are frozen to death, and there are no people in clothes. There are eight or nine poor rooms in Huiguan village. The north wind is as sharp as a sword, and the cloth is not covered. Only burn wormwood thorn fire, worry about sitting at night and waiting for the morning. I know the age of the great cold, and farmers are particularly bitter and bitter. Today, the thatched cottage is hidden. Brown fur covers the quilt, and there is residual temperature when sitting and lying. Fortunately, we are free from hunger, cold and hard work. It's a shame to read him and ask yourself who he is.


in the cold Song Dynasty · Luyou, the cold snow has not disappeared, and you can't go out when you close your door. Unfortunately, you cut the cloud crown. This is the knee room. My car is hanging, I drive for a long time and scold. Brush the dust to take a series, relatively easy all day. The dead sheep should avoid many differences. When learning the Tao, they should send one letter. The letter can belong to the que Li, and the Baishi end can be deposed. Don't rest for Shantang and meet Gao Gu. Although the decadent age has been forced, the child has beauty.


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