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Keeping warm and keeping warm is the most important. Talk about the secret of health preservation

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from the winter solstice, people will usher in the cold season of counting nine, which is commonly known as "three or nine days". In counting nine cold days, human health care focuses on maintaining Yang. We should pay attention to keeping warm and expelling the cold, ensure rest, exercise reasonably, maintain a good mood and spend the cold winter better. Then let's listen to professional doctors explain the secret of several nine health preservation for us.


keep warm to keep your head from getting cold. Pay attention to keeping your feet warm. Professional doctors point out that the weather becomes very cold in the ninth season. "All diseases arise from the cold". The cold reduces the human body's resistance. It is not only easy to infect cold resistant pathogenic microorganisms, but also may cause or aggravate a variety of existing chronic basic diseases. Therefore, winter is the peak of critical diseases such as cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, gastric ulcer and lung infection.


, and there is a folk saying that "the wind enters from the back of the neck and the cold grows from the foot". After the head is cold, the blood vessels are easy to contract and spasm and narrow stimulated by the cold, blocking the blood supply of the head and easily inducing stroke. Therefore, doctors suggest that people should take active "defensive and warm keeping" measures in the cold days.


in terms of dressing, the clothes and trousers should not only keep warm, but also be soft and loose. Don't wear them too tightly, otherwise it is not conducive to the smooth blood. It is appropriate to feel warm and comfortable in the human body and warm hands and feet. When going out, in addition to wearing a high collar sweater, it is best to wear a scarf. When facing the wind, you should cover it with a scarf or wear a mask to avoid paralysis after cold. The elderly must wear a warm hat.


moderate exercise, try not to sweat. Cold water bath doctors are not recommended. In winter, health preservation should ensure adequate sleep, go to bed early and get up late, wait for the sun to appear, and then go out for activities. Try to "walk slowly, don't listen very much, don't look very much, sit for a long time, and don't lie tired". This is beneficial to the potential of Yang Qi and the accumulation of yin and Tianjin, Improve the body's resistance to cold.

for the elderly and children with poor physique, unnecessary outdoor activities should be avoided to prevent excessive consumption of Yang. In outdoor sports, we should control the intensity and try not to sweat to avoid the invasion of evil Qi. In addition, the general population is not recommended to swim in winter or take a cold bath at this time. During


exercises, you should fully warm up before activities, mainly with moderate intensity exercises, so that your body can heat up or sweat slightly. For example, yoga and jogging are more appropriate. We should also pay attention to the use of air conditioning. Many units or families set the indoor air conditioning temperature too high, which is as hot as summer. People working and living inside still sweat and have their pores open in half sleeves, shirts and skirts. However, as soon as you go out, the temperature may be below zero. If the cold quickly invades your body, it may bring disease.


drink some herbal tea in daily life and bask in the back. According to the theory of traditional Chinese medicine, health preservation in winter should focus on calmness to avoid depression and thinking. During the winter solstice, the external Yin is cold and prosperous, which is very easy to damage the Yang Qi of the body. It is a high incidence period of multi system diseases such as heart, brain, kidney and stomach. At this time, as the "foundation of the day after tomorrow", if the spleen and stomach can be properly nursed, it will play a leading role in the maintenance of other Zang Fu organs.


in winter, people should bask in the sun more, especially on their backs. They often sit with their backs to the sun, so that the sun can warm their backs slightly. They have sufficient Yang in their bodies and smooth meridians, which can make them energetic. Women can also make tea with roses, Magnolia officinalis and medlar, and adjust the Qi machine.

in addition, excessive thinking in winter will consume Yang more than ever, manifested as insomnia and dreaminess. Therefore, in winter, adults should ensure 8 hours of sleep every night, and children should even have more. In order to ensure higher sleep quality, it is best not to put or less electronic products such as mobile phones, televisions and tablet computers in the bedroom, so as to reduce the impact on sleep.

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