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There is stress in drinking tea in the cold. Warm the stomach and expel cold ginger jujube tea

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cold season, people have entered the coldest "three or nine days" of the year. The elderly and children with weak physique are easy to cause symptoms such as wind, cold and cough. The elderly may also have joint wandering pain, numbness, cardio cerebral ischemic diseases, etc. female friends often suffer from dysmenorrhea, cold abdomen and cold limbs. According to traditional Chinese medicine, Great cold health preservation should pay attention to expelling cold and keeping warm, warming the stomach and tonifying the kidney. Now let's look at a great cold health preservation tea - ginger jujube tea.


Ginger jujube tea has been a folk recipe for warming the stomach and dispelling cold since ancient times. It has the effects of warming and dispersing cold, returning Yang and dredging pulse, supplementing blood and Qi, drying dampness and eliminating inflammation. After drinking, it can promote blood vessel expansion, warm up and expel cold, and feel warm all over the body. Ginger and jujube are cholagogic, analgesic, antipyretic, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, anti influenza and upper respiratory tract infection.


long-term drinking ginger jujube tea has the effect of beauty and health preservation. Regular drinking can make your complexion ruddy, nourish your face and blood. For women, it is more helpful to expel cold and warm the palace and improve body immunity, especially for girls with cold hands and feet. The elderly with weak physique are also particularly vulnerable to weakness and cold in winter, which leads to various diseases. For such people, it is also suitable to drink ginger jujube tea. When the warm tea is imported, the warm energy will spread all over the body from the heart, making the whole person warm and comfortable. The formula of


Ginger jujube tea mainly includes red jujube, ginger and brown sugar. They are all good health products of traditional Chinese medicine, and each has a good health effect. Red jujube has been a good product for nourishing blood and liver since ancient times. Li Shizhen said in the compendium of Materia Medica that jujube tastes sweet, has a warm nature, can replenish zhongyiqi, nourish blood and produce fluid. This tea can be made of Xinjiang Ruoqiang dried jujube tablets, which has a good brewing effect.

and ginger has the effects of relieving cold on the surface, warming the middle and stopping vomiting, warming the lung, relieving cough and detoxification. It is often used for wind cold, cold in the spleen and stomach. Tea drinkers who pay more attention to tea will choose the high-quality ginger slices exported from the original ecological small soil ginger base in Henan and Anhui to Korea. They are pure natural, sulfur-free and export-grade top quality. They can be used for brewing and have better quality.


another important component of ginger jujube tea, ancient brown sugar: it can replenish qi and blood, strengthen the spleen and warm the stomach, relieve pain, promote blood circulation and remove silt. Drinking hot brown sugar water can make female friends warm, increase energy, activate Qi and blood, speed up blood circulation, and menstruation will be more smoothly. In particular, the ancient brown sugar is specially selected, boiled in a millennium old prescription, with obvious sugar sand layer in the middle, no sodium cyclamate and no artificial additives.

in addition, ginger jujube tea also has the function of nourishing blood and regulating menstruation. It has a good effect on tonifying blood or regulating dysmenorrhea after menstruation. It is a health beverage very suitable for female friends. However, it should be noted that if you are prone to get angry, it is suggested that ginger and jujube tea should be interspersed with other tea, while lip red, dry mouth, and five heart irritated heat belong to yin deficiency and fire vigorous constitution and diabetics should not drink ginger and jujube tea.


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