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Three misunderstandings of health preservation in the number nine, and the pursuit of health should be avoided

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traditional Chinese medicine believes that "heaven and man correspond", "spring, summer, autumn harvest and winter storage" refers to that winter is a good time for tonic. In China, people are really keen on "tonic winter". They believe that if tonic is properly maintained in winter, people will be refreshed and full of vitality in the spring of the next year. However, traditional Chinese medicine practitioners also pointed out that there are some things you can and can't do in winter. Now let's understand the three misunderstandings that need to be avoided in winter.


misunderstanding 1: Ginseng bird's nest tonic. As the saying goes, "tonic in winter and fight tigers in the coming year", but blind tonic will only be counterproductive. For young people who have good physique and can eat normally, tonic is not advocated. What really needs to be supplemented should be the elderly, the weak and the sub-healthy people. There is also a big misunderstanding of tonic in winter, that is, it is too "greasy". Bird's nest, ginseng, donkey hide gelatin and Cordyceps sinensis, these expensive nourishing herbs, are boasting more and more deified. In fact, there is no need to superstitious about them. Correct practice of


: in winter solstice health preservation, pay attention to tonifying the kidney and filling essence. The food you eat should be warm and avoid cold. Deer meat, dog meat, mutton, leeks, shrimps, chestnuts and walnuts are often used to warm the kidney yang, and sea cucumber, turtle meat, sesame and black beans are used to fill the essence and marrow. "Tonic" should also pay attention to "Tong". It is best to drink a cup of honey water every morning and drink some white radish soup appropriately, which will help the body excrete smoothly. The so-called "eat radish in winter and ginger in summer, and don't have to prescribe a prescription for a year". Misunderstanding 2 of


: insist on exercising in the park in the morning. Now many middle-aged and elderly people insist on exercising in the park every morning, even in the cold winter. In fact, this exercise method is not in line with the season and does more harm than good to the body. The correct way of


: exercise in winter pays attention to "staying in the sun". The middle-aged and elderly people must wait until the sun comes out and the weather is warm. At this time, the meridians of the human body have been opened, and a better fitness effect will be received. Moreover, fitness should be carried out in a place with plenty of sunshine and shelter from the wind. The time should not be too long or too violent, and it is appropriate to sweat slightly. In addition, you must keep warm before morning exercise, focusing on protecting your head and neck. Misunderstanding 3 of


: many people like to wash their faces with hot water every day and wear masks when going out in cold winter. Although these methods are warm, they may not be a good way to keep healthy. Many people think that wearing masks in cold weather can protect the body. In fact, appropriate cold air to stimulate the nasal cavity and respiratory tract can enhance the resistance to diseases. If you rely on wearing masks to prevent cold, you are more likely to catch a cold.


correct practice: when you go out to keep warm against the cold, you can wear scarves, gloves, warm shoes or a thicker insole, which are more healthy and practical than wearing a mask to keep out the cold. The correct way to wash your face is to wash it alternately with cold and hot water, which can gradually accelerate the blood circulation of the skin, play the role of massage, and prevent colds.

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