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Frost often causes diabetes, and 4 dietary prescriptions relieve the pain.

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is coming in late October. People are greeting frost and lowering the solar term. In this autumn and winter, the temperature changes more frequently. Many seasons may cause diseases to enter the health of the people. Especially the type I diabetes with seasonal epidemic characteristics is the highest incidence rate in autumn and winter. How should the patients be nursed back to health? Now let's take a look at the four food treatments to alleviate the pain.


sweet potato leaf pork soup ingredients: 300g sweet potato leaf and 100g pork. Preparation method: wash the sweet potato leaves, cut the pork into slices, heat the pot, add 25g peanut oil, burn until it is eight mature, fry the pork until it turns white, add 750ml of water, add sweet potato leaves when the water is boiling, cook for 20 minutes, and add a little seasoning. Usage: eat sweet potato leaves and pork, drink soup, one dose a day, and take seven doses. Indications: diabetes.


Hawthorn pork soup ingredients: 70g fresh hawthorn, 150g pork, 150g celery leaves, 1g refined salt, 1g monosodium glutamate and 30g vegetable oil. Preparation method: wash and cut fresh Hawthorn into pieces, cut lean pork into pieces, heat the pot, add vegetable oil, add miasma pork when the oil is hot, stir fry, add 1500 grams of refined salt, hawthorn and water when it is yellow and white, decoct celery leaves and monosodium glutamate for 30 minutes, cook for 5 minutes and start the pot. At this time, the broth is half. Usage: eat meat and drink soup. Indications: diabetes weakness.


yam glutinous rice recipe raw materials: 200g yam and 150g glutinous rice. Preparation method: wash and peel yam, cut into pieces and set aside. Put the washed glutinous rice into the boiling water pot. When it is five years old, put the yam block into it and cook it. Usage: take one dose daily, twice. Indications: diabetes.


goose medlar Eucommia square raw materials: 500g goose, 30g Chinese wolfberry, 320G Eucommia ulmoides and 1g salt. Preparation method: wash and cut the goose into pieces. After washing the Chinese wolfberry and Eucommia ulmoides, wrap it with washing white gauze. Heat the pot and add 2000ml of water. Add the Chinese wolfberry and Eucommia ulmoides. When decocting for 40 minutes, go to the Chinese wolfberry and Eucommia ulmoides. Continue to decoct the goose with this liquid medicine, add salt, and decoct until the goose is cooked. Usage: eat meat and drink soup. Indications: diabetes.


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