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Be careful, the spring cold will change, baby defense method

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When the

phenomenon of cold in spring appears, the temperature that had picked up quickly falls back due to the invasion of cold air, which often makes people really feel what is called "cold in spring". If people don't pay attention to it, their bodies may suffer from cold and disease, especially babies with weak resistance. At this time, they should pay more attention to their health, So today Xiaobian will introduce you how to take care of your baby in the cold spring. Parents, look at it.


some parents think that when the temperature rises in spring, the baby can wear less. As everyone knows, the "cold spring" needs to be well maintained. When it is warm and cold at first, the climate is changeable repeatedly, the cold and heat are uncertain, and viruses and bacteria breed. If you are not careful, your baby will be infected with influenza, viral hepatitis, scarlet fever, bronchitis and other diseases, which is impossible to prevent.


in fact, in this season, the baby's cotton padded clothes should not be taken off. Moderate "spring cover" can play a buffer and transition role to protect the baby from cold damage. However, the "spring cover" pays attention to science and degree, and does not have to be wrapped tightly as in winter. Mothers should pay attention to the following points when dressing their baby:

moderation principle. The spring cover is not to cover the baby tightly, touch the baby's hands and feet, feel warm and moist, and there is no sweat in the palms. Wearing too much will have a negative effect and reduce the baby's immunity. Spring cover also needs to grasp the time. Cover it a day or two before the cold air comes. Don't wait for the temperature to drop before you start adding clothes.


refer to three warm, two cool and three warm: warm belly, warm back and warm feet. The baby's stomach is cold, which is easy to cause diarrhea and other diseases. Cold on the back and feet is easy to reduce the baby's immunity. Second, cool refers to the head and chest. The head should not be wrapped in a thick hat, and the chest should not be wrapped tightly. Keep breathable and comfortable, so that the baby can be happy and refreshed.


can be increased or decreased flexibly. In the season of changeable temperature, the amount of baby's clothes should be flexibly adjusted according to the specific temperature. For example, when the sun is high, one more piece should be worn indoors than outdoors, because the outdoor sun is bright, the temperature is high, and the indoor is relatively cold. If the baby is inactive indoors, one more piece can resist the cold. When the baby is outdoors, if the amount of activity is large, he is easy to sweat. When the wind blows and catches a cold, he will catch a cold. Therefore, he can go out with a light cotton padded clothes, which not only keeps the wind and warm, but also facilitates the baby's activities. Babies who are still in swaddling clothes should wear more.


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