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The whole strategy of returning to the south is the welfare of the people in the south

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returning to Nantian every spring is a headache for many friends living in the south. Whenever returning to Nantian, the walls, floors and furniture at home are wet, and the clothes, bedding and even food are moldy accidentally. It's really impossible to prevent. Let Xiaobian organize some moisture-proof strategies for returning to Nantian today, I hope it can help you fight back to the south.


1. Close the doors and windows. When the humid weather strikes, remember to close the windows at home, especially the windows facing south and Southeast. The most important period of dampproof is the morning and evening every day, during which the air humidity is higher than that at noon. Open the doors and windows when the north wind blows.


however, it should be noted that even if there is sunshine at noon, do not open the south window. At noon, the outdoor temperature is the highest, and the indoor and outdoor temperature difference is also the largest. At this time, ventilation sometimes leads to more serious condensation of water vapor on the indoor ground and wall. In addition, after cooking or taking a bath, remember to bring the kitchen door and toilet door, and turn on the exhaust fan to reduce water entering the living room.

2. In addition to preventing the door from opening the window, it is also a good practice to spread newspapers on the ground and on the table. The used old newspapers should be spread on the floor and table, especially in places easy to get wet such as the door.

3. Configure dehumidifiers. Dehumidifiers or dehumidification boxes are available in supermarkets. They are very convenient to buy. They are placed in all corners of the home and places with heavy moisture, which can effectively absorb water vapor.

4. Buy a hair dryer or dryer, use a hair dryer to dry clothes and quilts, or buy a dryer. Damp clothes and quilts can make people feel uncomfortable. Moisture can also affect the health of the elderly, children and patients with rheumatoid arthritis.

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