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Drinking kidney invigorating tea in the cold is not dry or greasy, so it is very healthy

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During the

cold season, keeping warm and expelling the cold is the most important. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that if you want to expel the cold at this time, you must tonify the kidney, because only the kidney qi is strong, you can resist the cold and protect the Yang. The function of the kidney is strong, which can not only enhance the human body's resistance, but also improve the human body's immunity and stay away from seasonal common diseases. So today, let's learn about a non dry and non greasy cold health tea - Yishen Yuanqi tea.


the great cold is the golden period for nourishing the kidney. The solar term of great cold is cold and dry, with frequent diseases, and the cold is most likely to damage the Yang of the kidney. At this time, if you can do a good job of kidney maintenance, you can effectively prevent cold and strengthen your body. Therefore, it is very important for human metabolism to do a good job of tonifying and nourishing the kidney in the cold.


cold is the best period for kidney maintenance. It can not only enhance the ability of human body to resist cold, but also improve human immunity and disease resistance. Therefore, it is necessary to comply with the law of everything in nature and the law of Yang potential in human body, cultivate Yin, protect Yang and protect kidney. Delay aging. The formula of


Yishen Yuanqi tea is prepared according to the selected authentic medicinal materials of ancient prescriptions, mainly including 5g Shouwu, 5g raw land, 5g medlar, 3G Astragalus, 3G chrysanthemum (super grade fetal chrysanthemum), 5g Xinjiang Ruoqiang jujube tablets and an appropriate amount of rock sugar. Drinking this tea in winter can nourish yin and Qi, warm liver and kidney and replenish body vitality. In addition, this tea itself is not dry or greasy. It tastes suitable for regular drinking. If you drink it every day, your vitality will gradually be sufficient.


are made from various herbs of Yishen Yuanqi tea; Lycium barbarum, raw land, tonifying kidney and nourishing yin; Astragalus membranaceus and jujube invigorate the spleen and Qi; Chrysanthemum can clear away heat and balance the heat of several other herbs. It is a wonderful tea recipe for tonifying vitality. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that the so-called vitality is the driving force of human life activities. With sufficient vitality, people eat well, sleep well, exercise vigorously and have spirit during the day.


can be said that the Qi of the internal organs is the "child" of vitality. Therefore, if the vitality is sufficient, the viscera function will be strong and the body will be healthy. Therefore, traditional Chinese medicine takes cultivating vitality as the foundation of disease treatment and health preservation. For people with insufficient vitality and weak kidney qi, winter is the best time to replenish the kidney and nourish the yuan. Especially in the cold solar term, it is recommended that people adhere to drinking kidney benefiting tea for a period of time, and gradually feel more energetic and healthier.


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