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Winter exercise adhere to the four guidelines to avoid damage to health

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With the arrival of

at the beginning of winter, the weather is getting colder and colder. Some friends who are afraid of the cold can stay at home in such weather and try not to be exposed to the cold wind outdoors, let alone physical exercise. In fact, adhering to physical exercise in winter can enhance people's physique and improve human resistance, which is still good for their health, Just when exercising, there are four rules that we must pay attention to. Let's understand them now.


after the beginning of winter, due to low temperature, high air pressure and dry weather, the elasticity and extension of human muscles, tendons and ligaments will be reduced, and the viscosity of muscles will be increased accordingly, resulting in stiff and inflexible body and greatly reduced stretch. Therefore, when carrying out physical exercise after the beginning of winter, we should follow the corresponding health preservation guidelines, so that we can not only achieve the purpose of cold prevention, warmth preservation and physical fitness, but also not damage our health due to improper exercise.

rule 1 warm up before exercise. Because people's body will be stiff in low temperature environment, if they do not warm up sufficiently before exercise, it is very easy to cause muscle strain or joint injury. Therefore, the "warm-up" exercises such as unarmed exercises and light instrument exercises should be carried out before formal exercise, and the intensity of warm-up should be appropriate to make the body heat and sweat slightly.


rule 2: the thickness of clothes should be appropriate during exercise. The temperature is very low after the beginning of winter, so you should wear thicker clothes before exercise and remove your coat after warming up; After exercise, you should return to the room as soon as possible, do not blow the cold wind, wipe off the sweat and change your clothes, so as to prevent the heat loss caused by the alternation of cold and heat and catch a cold.


rule 3: breathing should be adjusted in time during exercise. As there is often heavy wind and sand in winter, it is recommended to use nasal breathing during exercise, or nasal inhalation and oral exhalation, but remember to inhale directly through the mouth. This is because the nasal mucosa can warm the inhaled air and reduce the irritation of cold air to the respiratory tract to a certain extent; At the same time, nasal hair can also effectively block bacteria, which can be called the "protective god" of respiratory tract.

Rule 4: keep air circulation during indoor exercise. Many people are used to exercising indoors in winter and close the doors and windows to prevent the invasion of cold air. But in fact, this can easily lead to dizziness, nausea and other symptoms due to hypoxia. Therefore, when exercising indoors, remember to keep the air flowing.


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