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How to prevent respiratory diseases from frost? Eat walnut stewed eggs

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frost comes solar term, the weather starts to cool, and the air is gradually drying. In this season, incidence rate of respiratory tract is rising. People with weak constitution may be caught accidentally. How should we deal with it in diet? It is very important to nourish the lung and moisten the dryness. Let's take a look at a health preserving dish for frost to prevent respiratory diseases - Walnut stewed egg.


frost reducing diet principle because the frost reducing solar term is the peak of the recurrence of chronic gastritis and duodenal ulcer disease, patients with digestive system diseases should eat a mild diet, eat less cold, unclean and rotten foods, and eat some cabbage, cabbage, pasta, fish, apples, yogurt, etc., and the cooking methods should be steaming, boiling, stewing Stew mainly, avoid oil frying food.

walnut stewed egg ingredients: 4 walnuts, 2 eggs and a little brown sugar. Methods: 1. Break up the eggs; Appropriate amount of brown sugar is dissolved with water; Peel walnuts for meat and beat them into pieces; 2. Take a bowl of egg liquid, fully mix it with brown sugar water, and seal it with fresh-keeping film; 3. Add water to the steamer, put the wide mouth bowl into the steamer, steam over medium heat for 5 minutes, lift the preservative film, sprinkle walnut powder, wrap the preservative film, and steam over medium heat for 5 minutes.


eat walnuts in frost. Li Shizhen said walnuts can "tonify the kidney, dredge the brain and be beneficial to wisdom". Traditional Chinese medicine believes that walnuts are warm, sweet and non-toxic. They enter the kidney and lung meridian, and have the effects of strengthening the stomach and blood, moistening the lung and kidney, nourishing the spirit, moistening the skin, relieving cough and asthma.

modern medical research shows that the phospholipids in walnuts have a good health care effect on brain nerves. Walnut oil contains unsaturated fatty acids and has the effect of preventing and treating arteriosclerosis. Walnut kernel contains zinc, manganese, chromium and other indispensable trace elements for human body. In the process of aging, the contents of zinc and manganese decrease day by day. Chromium has the functions of promoting glucose utilization, cholesterol metabolism and protecting cardiovascular system.

tips for eating walnuts walnuts are not only the best brain food, but also a therapeutic agent for neurasthenia. For the elderly suffering from dizziness, insomnia, palpitations, forgetfulness, loss of appetite, weakness of waist and knees and general weakness, eat 1-2 walnuts every morning and evening.


it should be noted that the fat content in walnuts is very high. Eating too much will inevitably lead to obesity due to excessive calorie intake, which will affect normal blood glucose, blood lipid and blood pressure.


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