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For health preservation, we must first nourish the stomach, keep warm and eat hot, and feel happy

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season is approaching. The temperature in most parts of the country has dropped sharply, and the cold is pressing. It has entered the coldest period of the year. The cold weather stimulates people's nervous system, which will make the nerves controlling the internal organs of the human body in a relatively tense state, which is easy to cause symptoms such as stomach spasm, stomach distention and stomach pain. Therefore, the ninth cold day is often the high incidence period of stomach diseases. So how should people nourish the stomach in the ninth season?


health experts point out that the most important thing is to nourish the stomach during the ninth year of health preservation. After the winter solstice, the plants and trees wither, the vitality of all things is closed and hidden, and the life activities begin to change from prosperity to decline, from dynamic to static. Therefore, the maintenance of the stomach at this time should also comply with the laws of nature, focus on accumulating Yin and protecting Yang, and generally grasp the following points:

Diet is based on heat. Daily diet is the best choice to maintain the spleen and stomach, and eating hot food is a good way to protect "stomach qi". Especially when the temperature is low in the morning, the muscles, nerves and blood vessels in the body are still contracting. At this time, if you eat cold food, it will contracture all systems in the body and make the blood flow more difficult. In the long run, it will damage stomach qi.

pay attention to keep the stomach warm. People with chronic stomach diseases should pay special attention to keep the stomach warm. After the winter solstice, they should add clothes in time. When they go out, they must fasten their clothes buttons and cover their bedding at night, so as to prevent stomach pain or aggravate old diseases caused by abdominal cold.

moderate exercise and strong stomach exercise can not only make people happy, but also enhance their physique, improve their disease resistance and adaptability to climate change. In cold winter, taking some time to exercise is conducive to improving gastrointestinal blood circulation and promoting gastrointestinal peristalsis, so as to make people healthy in spleen and stomach.


maintain a happy mood. Mental tension, emotional excitement or excessive worry will produce adverse stimulation to the brain, weaken or lose the regulatory role of the hypothalamic center, resulting in autonomic nerve dysfunction, gastric mucosal vasoconstriction, excessive secretion of gastric acid and gastric egg white enzymes, resulting in inducing or aggravating gastric diseases. It is suggested that we should maintain an optimistic and pleasant mood and avoid the stimulation of adverse factors such as anxiety, fear, tension and sadness.


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