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Count nine to keep out the cold and nourish the kidney first. Traditional Chinese medicine teaches you how to do it

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theory of traditional Chinese medicine holds that the source of human Yang lies in the kidney. Once the Yang of the kidney is injured, it is easy to feel wind cold, which often leads to cold pain in the waist and knees, frequent urination at night, impotence and semen. Once the deficiency of kidney yang and Qi hurts the kidney yin, resulting in the deficiency of kidney yin, it will lead to dry throat, dry mouth, dizziness and tinnitus. It can be seen that the kidney plays an important role in human health care. The ancients believed that cold evil was most likely to slander the kidney yang, so how should we nourish the kidney in the cold season?


first, we should distinguish Yin deficiency from blind supplement. As we all know, kidney deficiency can be divided into yin and Yang. Those with kidney yin deficiency should pay attention to sea cucumber, medlar, turtle and Tremella for tonic. You can also take Zhibai Dihuang oral liquid. Those with kidney yang deficiency should eat more mutton, pilose antler, Psoralea, Cistanche deserticola, cinnamon, Yizhiren, etc. they can also use Shenqi Pill. Kidney yin and yang deficiency, should choose Bushen Yiqi capsule.


second, adhere to physical exercise. "Life lies in exercise". The functional activities of limbs, including the movement of joints, muscles and bones, are dominated by the liver and kidney. Therefore, there is the saying that "the kidney governs the bone, and the bone is the kidney". People who are good at health preservation should adhere to physical exercise in winter, so as to nourish the liver and kidney, relax muscles and activate collaterals, unblock Qi and blood vessels The effect of enhancing self resistance. For example, walking, jogging, playing ball, doing exercises, practicing boxing and sword dancing are all suitable for winter exercise. Winter exercise should also pay attention to keep warm to prevent colds.

the third is massage therapy. Massage therapy is an effective method for kidney nourishing in winter. Massage therapy is divided into two kinds: one is to rub the waist. After rubbing your hands, press your waist tightly and rub hard for 30 times. The so-called "the waist is the house of the kidney". Rubbing the waist can dredge the muscles and veins and enhance the function of the kidney. The second is to knead Dantian. Rub your hands hot and massage with the elixir for 30-50 times. Commonly used this method can enhance the immune function of the human body, strengthen the kidney, consolidate the foundation and prolong life.


tips for nourishing the kidney in winter. Frequent tapping in winter is beneficial to the kidney and strengthen the kidney; The meridians of the kidney originate from the foot, and Yongquan point in the foot heart is the main point. It is best to soak your feet in hot water before going to bed in winter night and rub the soles of your feet; In winter, people are in a state of "Yin prosperity and Yang decline", so they should take "sunbathing" to help the Yang Qi in the kidney rise; Keep your back warm and wear a cotton or wool vest to protect your kidney yang.


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