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What does female friend Lidong drink? Siwu Decoction enriches blood and nourishes beauty

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everyone should have heard of a medicated diet called Siwu Decoction. It is a classic prescription for tonifying and nourishing blood in traditional Chinese medicine. It has the effect of tonifying blood and regulating menstruation and alleviating menstrual pain. It is especially suitable for female friends to take it in cold weather. Let Lidong introduce you this medicated diet called "holy recipe for Gynecology".


"four things" generally refer to prepared land, Angelica sinensis, Ligusticum chuanxiong and Radix Paeoniae Alba. Among them, angelica can reduce women's premenstrual pain, abdominal distension, vaginal dryness and depression; Rehmannia contains mannitol, vitamin A and other components, which can enhance the curative effect of Angelica sinensis on tonifying and activating blood circulation; Ligusticum chuanxiong can promote blood circulation, dispel wind and regulate uterine contraction. Vitamin E rich in Ligusticum chuanxiong is an antioxidant, which can also affect the endocrine system and reduce symptoms such as breast discomfort, anxiety and depression; White peony can enhance cellular immunity and fill Qi and blood.

taking Siwu Decoction can not only Nourish Qi and blood and ruddy face, but also help treat dizziness, irregular menstruation or amenorrhea. Modern research also shows that Siwu Decoction has the effect of anti anemia, enhancing immune function and improving the ability of hypoxia tolerance. Siwu Decoction can not only help the human body to promote blood circulation, remove blood stasis, eliminate blood clots, improve anemia, but also has cosmetic effect. It helps to smooth Qi and blood. Regular drinking can make women's face ruddy and skin smoother.


formulas vary from person to person. Taking effective Siwu Decoction symptomatically has a great feature that it varies from person to person and is effective for symptomatic use. In addition to the commonly used formulas, the raw and cooked, addition and subtraction changes of various drugs may be applicable to different diseases. Pay attention to the proportion of the four things, and the taste will be good. Siwu soup also has many derivative formulas. In modern times, the commonly used ones are Taohong Siwu soup, Jiawei Siwu soup, Danshen Siwu soup, Jiaoai Siwu soup, etc. if Sijunzi soup is added, it is the Bazhen soup that replenishes both qi and blood.


should be taken one hour after meals. Those with damp and hot constitution should not eat Siwu soup. It can not only be taken by simply frying water, but also be used to stew fish, stew meat, stew soup and make all kinds of medicinal meals. However, it should be noted that Siwu Decoction is suitable for people with blood deficiency or anemia, especially for women with small menstrual volume, long menstrual period and blood gas loss, but it is forbidden for people with damp heat constitution.


Siwu Decoction can be taken two or three days after the end of menstruation, and can be drunk for three days. It has a good conditioning effect on dysmenorrhea. If taken before the end of menstruation, it will aggravate bleeding and prolong menstruation. In addition, it is suggested that Siwu Decoction be taken an hour after dinner, and said that tonic is not a day's work, but persistence and constant flow.

Siwu Decoction medicated diet recommendation 1. Siwu Decoction + black chicken nourishing blood, regulating menstruation and beauty. It is suitable for women after menstruation is clean.

2. Siwu Decoction + Astragalus membranaceus + ginger + red jujube + mutton to warm yang, replenish blood and nourish blood. It is suitable for those with deficiency of Qi and blood and cold limbs.

3. Siwu Decoction + Gastrodia elata + ginger + fish head is suitable for patients with blood deficiency and headache.


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