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Go back to Nantian, pay attention to your diet, and pay no attention to your upper body

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returning to the south is a weather return phenomenon that often occurs in February and March in spring. It refers to the phenomenon that the temperature rises after the cold air retreats, the air humidity increases, and the warm and humid air flow encounters the cold object surface to produce water droplets. When returning to Nantian, the climate is humid, and the human body is prone to burnout, gloomy chest tightness, loss of appetite, joint pain, etc. What should we pay attention to when returning to Nantian?


professional traditional Chinese medicine doctors pointed out that when returning to the south, the weather is humid and muggy, which is a kind of "dampness evil" in traditional Chinese medicine, which will invade the body from the skin. Moisture may lurk in the body for a long time, and when conditions are ripe, it will break out and make persistent diseases attack again. Therefore, removing moisture is the top priority of people's physical health care, We should also pay attention to the diet. It should be light and easy to digest, avoid fat, sweet, thick and greasy, eat less fruits, eat less


tropical fruits, and often eat dehumidification corn. The so-called "wet evil thing" refers to that after the food is eaten into the stomach, people will produce "internal dampness" and appear a variety of discomfort symptoms, such as swelling pain, bitter mouth, poor appetite, heavy limbs and so on. Many tropical fruits, such as jackfruit, durian and mango, all belong to the thing that helps the wet. It is not suitable for people to eat more when they go back to the south.

in addition, shrimp, crab and other seafood also contribute to moisture. If you want to satisfy your craving, don't eat it at this time. It's better to replace it with aquatic products with dampness removing effects such as carp and crucian carp. In addition, corn, job's tears, Euryale ferox and lentils have dehumidification effect. You can add them flexibly in your daily diet.

go back to Nantian to eat spicy food? Expert: expelling cold is not equal to dispelling dampness. When returning to Nantian, some people think that we should expel moisture from the body through spicy things, and add spicy things such as ginger, garlic and pepper to the diet, but doctors say that expelling cold is not equal to expelling dampness.


corn, lentils, job's tears and Euryale ferox can dispel dampness, and their properties are relatively peaceful. They are suitable for people with any constitution, but the selection of warm and tonic foods such as ginger and garlic depends on their constitution. If I have cold constitution, I have many problems of diarrhea and chills on weekdays, so I can eat more to get the effect of dispelling dampness and expelling cold; However, if you have a hot constitution with great anger, eating spicy "fire things" will increase the dampness and evil Qi of the body.


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