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7 huinantian dampness removing soup, which is also natural and unrestrained in Shenzhen

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is wet in spring. When it comes back to the south, it is more humid, which not only brings a lot of inconvenience to people's home life, but also may have an adverse impact on people's health. Nutrition experts pointed out that when returning to Nantian, people's diet should be light and avoid fat, sweet, thick and greasy. Then let's learn from the experience of Shenzhen people and see the seven moisture removing foods they eat in returning to Nantian.


Poria cocos root pot pig lean meat efficacy: dispelling dampness and sleepiness, clearing heat and detoxifying


five finger peach chicken feet pot pig spine efficacy: supplementing Yang, strengthening spleen and dampness, activating collaterals and strengthening bones


white crucian carp pot soup efficacy: crucian carp is sweet and flat, tonic but not dry, It not only strengthens the spleen and removes dampness, but also contains rich nutrition. It is a good recipe for strengthening the spleen and removing dampness.


pig cross pot chicken bone grass efficacy: chicken bone grass - slightly cold, sweet and light, with the effects of clearing heat and dampness, soothing liver and relieving pain.


five flower tea efficacy: clearing heat, detoxifying, strengthening spleen and removing dampness, promoting urination.


Shenqi porridge efficacy: Astragalus membranaceus and Codonopsis pilosula can strengthen the spleen and Qi, job's tears and lentils can dispel dampness and make porridge that can nourish the stomach, which can replenish zhongyiqi, strengthen the spleen and remove dampness and alleviate the physical discomfort caused by dampness.


stewed raw fish soup with red bean and white gourd efficacy: the stewed raw fish soup with red bean and white gourd tastes light, not greasy, rich in nutrition, but also has the effect of removing dampness and strengthening the spleen. Red bean is one of the commonly used soup ingredients in Guangdong. It can strengthen the spleen, remove dampness, detumescence and detoxification, and raw fish can replenish the spleen and water.

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