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Proper exercise in the cold of spring will have a better defense effect

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During the

spring cold period, the temperature often drops sharply. The chilly spring cold is easy to cause discomfort to the human body, especially the middle-aged and elderly people with chronic diseases and the people with poor physique need to deal with it well. According to health experts, in addition to paying attention to cold prevention and warmth preservation in the late spring and cold season, we can also carry out appropriate physical exercise, and the defense effect is better. Let's understand.


health experts point out that spring is a good time to carry out physical exercise, such as Taijiquan, aerobics, kite flying, hiking and other aerobic outdoor activities, which can effectively enhance the body's immunity and disease resistance. At the same time, outdoor activities can also let people breathe fresh air, improve cardiopulmonary function, better regulate the body and adapt to the changeable climate in spring.


however, in the cold weather of late spring, if you want to go out for exercise, you'd better "stay in the sun" to avoid exercising when the temperature is low or rainy and snowy in the morning and evening. It's too early. It's the time when the humidity is high and the temperature is low. Many bacteria are in an active breeding period in spring, diffuse in the air, and start to move before the sun comes out, The photosynthesis of plants has not started yet, and the oxygen content is very low. To sum up, exercise in the morning does more harm than good; When you go out for exercise at night, the oxygen content is the same as that in the morning, but the dust index becomes higher due to exhaust emission.


in addition, we should pay attention to the exercise time and intensity in the late spring and cold period. The slow pace and moderate amount of exercise are more appropriate, such as Tai Chi, mountain climbing, kite flying, etc. In spring, the temperature is still relatively cold, and people's muscles and ligaments are relatively stiff. If they are not fully prepared before exercise, they are prone to sprains. Preparatory activities can choose fast walking or slow walking, which can exercise the whole body and accelerate blood circulation. Remember to eat properly before exercise. Fasting exercise may bring hypoglycemic symptoms such as dizziness and sweating. Before exercise, you can drink porridge appropriately, supplement water and moderate calorie intake.

precautions for cold spring exercise 1. Warm up before exercise, start slowly and gradually increase the intensity; After exercise, you should also take several minutes of relaxation exercise. 2. Select appropriate sports shoes, which are elastic and have anti slip effect; Choose a level, cool playground. 3. Do not exercise within an hour before and after eating. 4. In case of any discomfort during exercise, such as dizziness, chest pain, palpitation, night sweats, etc., stop exercise immediately. 5. Patients with chronic diseases such as hypertension, heart disease, diabetes, and other individual health problems such as pain in the waist, shoulder and neck, acute sprain of the joints of hand and foot should be examined by professional doctors, assessed by doctors, and then choose suitable sports types and intensity.

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