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Air conditioning dehumidification method, is it useful to return to the South sky to adjust dehumidification

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returns to the south every spring, which gives many friends living in the south a headache - walking out of the door and getting wet everywhere; At home, the floor, walls and furniture are wet, the bedding and clothes can't dry after washing, and the food is moldy and deteriorated every minute... It's crazy. In the face of such weather, all kinds of dehumidification strategies began to spread widely. One saying is that air conditioning dehumidification is used. Is air conditioning dehumidification back to Nantian useful?


at present, most air conditioners sold on the market have dehumidification function, which can alleviate or eliminate the harm caused by wet weather to a certain extent. There are two common ways of air conditioning dehumidification, one is refrigeration dehumidification, the other is independent dehumidification. Let's understand it separately now.


when it comes to refrigeration and dehumidification, many friends will question whether the water vapor should be evaporated by heating? Why use air conditioning? In fact, air conditioning refrigeration dehumidification is in the process of refrigeration. The temperature of humid air will drop significantly after passing through the evaporator of the air conditioner. The air humidity is in a supersaturated state, and the excess water vapor is precipitated in the form of condensate and condensed on the fins of the evaporator, that is, "condensation".

when the refrigeration mode reaches a certain equilibrium state, the air humidity will drop to a certain level. In order to prevent the room temperature from being too low after dehumidification, general air conditioning manufacturers will set the temperature about 2 degrees lower than the room temperature, so as to prevent low temperature and smooth dehumidification. Therefore, when you go back to the south to dehumidify with the air conditioner, you generally don't turn on the heating, but you should use the refrigeration mode, turn on the air conditioner, reduce the air volume and reduce the temperature.


independent dehumidification of air conditioner is to reheat the air cooled by evaporator to the original temperature, and then send it indoors. The indoor fan always runs at low speed, the compressor starts and stops, and the refrigeration system makes an intermittent refrigeration cycle. Most of the refrigeration capacity is used to balance the latent heat of indoor air, that is, water vapor becomes condensate; A small part is used to balance sensible heat, that is, reduce some indoor temperature. This continuous circulation keeps the room temperature near the set value and removes a large amount of moisture from the air.


generally speaking, dehumidification of air conditioner uses the heat exchanger of indoor unit as evaporator to absorb heat. When the room air is sucked by the fan of the indoor unit and passes through the evaporator, the water in the air is condensed into water, and then collected into the drainage pipe and led to the outdoor for discharge. In this way, part of the water in the room air is removed. The relative humidity of the air is reduced from more than 70% before dehumidification (uncomfortable feeling in sauna days) to about 50%, giving people a dry and comfortable feeling and getting rid of the uncomfortable feeling of being wet before dehumidification.

but it should be noted that air conditioning dehumidification will reduce indoor air humidity. If people stay in the air conditioning room for a long time, they will feel dry mouth and tongue. They should remember to add more water; In addition, because the air conditioner dehumidifies by reducing the temperature, people are easy to catch a cold under low temperature, so it is recommended that you do not turn it on for a long time, and only use it temporarily when the indoor humidity is serious.


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