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Health experts talk about four aspects of health care

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has entered the ninth season, and people have ushered in a great opportunity for health preservation. According to the suggestions of health experts, people should follow the principle of "keeping warm and keeping warm, taking appropriate supplements and ensuring sleep" in the cold days. Today's Xiaobian wants to talk about the item of "appropriate supplements". Experts point out that the four important aspects of health preservation are supplements. Now let's see what they are.


the three months in winter are the period of Yang Qi collection. Especially in the ninth season, the weather is very cold. People should pay attention to the protection of Yang Qi in their health preservation and do not dissipate Yang Qi excessively. If Yang Qi is consumed excessively at this time and the storage of Yang Qi in the body is insufficient, it is prone to limb weakness, dizziness and syncope in the next spring. In order to avoid these situations, it is very important to keep healthy and nourishing.

as the saying goes, tonic is better than food. According to the traditional theory of traditional Chinese medicine, the health preservation and tonic in Jiujiu season can be started from four aspects: tonifying Qi, blood, yin and Yang. So let's learn about some corresponding foods.


Qi tonifying foods refer to foods with the effect of Tonifying Qi and spleen and tonifying qi deficiency syndrome, such as rice, glutinous rice, peanut, yam, carrot, soybean milk, chicken, etc. Blood tonifying food refers to the food that has a tonic effect on people with blood deficiency syndrome, such as animal liver, longan meat, black fungus, spinach, carrot, pork, sea cucumber, fish, etc. Yin tonifying food refers to the food with the effect of Nourishing Yin fluid, generating fluid and moistening dryness, and tonifying Yin deficiency syndrome, such as tremella, fungus, pear, milk, eggs, grapes, cabbage, etc. Yang tonifying food, which can tonify Yang deficiency syndrome, such as dog meat, mutton, shrimp, walnut kernel, leek, medlar, eel, etc.

in addition, some nuts such as walnuts and chestnuts contain a lot of minerals, fiber and other nutrients, which are also good for eating in winter. However, it should be noted that although tonic in winter is good, it can not be blind. Citizens had better ask a doctor to help them determine what kind of deficiency they belong to and whether it needs to be supplemented; In addition, we should also find out some taboos in tonic.


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