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Count nine, eat glutinous rice, replenish qi, spleen and lung

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glutinous rice is mostly called jiangmi in North China. It is a kind of rice and the main raw material for making sweet or sticky snacks, such as zongzi, Babao porridge, glutinous rice wine and so on. In China's traditional Chinese medicine, glutinous rice also has a good health preservation effect, especially suitable for eating in cold winter. Let's see the effect of counting nine to eat glutinous rice.


glutinous rice, also known as jiangmi, is a kind of rice, which is often used to make zongzi or porridge. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that it is sweet in taste and warm in nature. It can nourish the healthy qi of the human body. After eating, it will fever all over the body. It plays a role in keeping out the cold and nourishing. It is most suitable for eating in several or nine cold days. The main function of glutinous rice is to warm the spleen and stomach. Therefore, some people with spleen and stomach qi deficiency and frequent diarrhea can have a good therapeutic effect.


in addition, glutinous rice can also alleviate the symptoms of night sweats caused by qi deficiency, swelling of waist and abdomen after pregnancy, shortness of breath and fatigue after labor injury. The traditional Chinese medicine classic "on the classics of Materia Medica" fully explains the health care function of glutinous rice, saying that glutinous rice is "the valley of Tonifying the spleen and stomach and benefiting lung qi". If the spleen and stomach are beneficial, it means the middle (referring to the human stomach) Self warming; warming can nourish Qi, and Qi Shun can make the body hot. It is appropriate for those with spleen and lung deficiency and cold. ""


"during the ninth season, people with different diseases have different ways to eat glutinous rice. The stomach dull pain caused by Yang deficiency can be eaten with an appropriate amount of glutinous rice and red jujube porridge; If the spleen and stomach are weak, abdominal distension, fatigue and fatigue, you can cook porridge with glutinous rice, lotus seeds, jujube and yam, and add an appropriate amount of sugar after cooking; The diarrhea and indigestion caused by spleen and stomach deficiency can be boiled with glutinous rice wine and cooked with eggs.


glutinous rice have the effects of tonifying middle and Qi, strengthening spleen and stomach, and stopping sweating. It is suitable for nausea, loss of appetite, diarrhea and sweating caused by qi deficiency, shortness of breath and abdominal distension during pregnancy. It is suitable for people with pulmonary tuberculosis, neurasthenia and postpartum after disease. Glutinous rice food should be eaten after heating. It is also suitable for cooking porridge. It is not only nutritious, but also easy to digest and absorb and nourish stomach qi. The taboo of eating "glutinous rice" with


is 1. It is not suitable for the elderly, children, patients and other gastrointestinal dysfunction patients. Diabetes, obesity, hyperlipidemia and kidney disease patients try to eat less or not. 2, rice cake is sweet and salty, and its carbohydrate and sodium content are very high. Overweight people, people with diabetes or other chronic diseases such as kidney disease and hyperlipidemia not overdo sth. 3, dampness heat phlegm fire is excessive, fever, cough, phlegm, jaundice, abdominal distension, diabetes and other diseases patients should not eat too much. 4. Because glutinous rice is sticky and difficult to digest, you must pay attention to an appropriate amount when eating. Children had better eat less. The starch contained in glutinous rice is amylopectin, so it is difficult to digest and hydrolyze in the stomach. If you suffer from gastrointestinal inflammation such as gastritis and duodenitis, you should eat less.


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