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Blood pressure is easy to rise after frost. Eat more potatoes to supplement potassium

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frost reduction solar term is at the turn of autumn and winter, and the temperature changes greatly. Once the cold wave strikes, the temperature drops suddenly, and the human blood vessels contract after being stimulated by the cold, the phenomenon of sudden rise of blood pressure may occur. In addition to taking antihypertensive drugs on time and checking blood pressure regularly, patients with hypertension can also eat more potassium rich potatoes in their daily diet, Now let's learn to make a step-down dish with potatoes as ingredients.


fish flavored potato chips ingredients: 2 potatoes, 2 garlic kernels, 2 onions, raw soy sauce, white granulated sugar, bean paste, vinegar, peanuts, edible oil and salt. Methods: 1. Wash, peel and slice potatoes and soak them in cold water; Smash garlic kernel and chopped green onion; 2. After the oil in the pot is heated, put in the potato chips cut and drained, fry them over low heat and remove them; 3. Heat the oil in another pot, add garlic grains to explode, pour in 2 fried potato chips, release soy sauce, white granulated sugar, bean paste and vinegar, and stir fry evenly; Add peanuts and scallions, stir fry quickly and evenly.


the benefits of eating potatoes are reduced by frost. The weather has cooled down. For patients with cardiovascular diseases, diet should pay attention to low fat, low cholesterol and low salt. Don't eat more foods with high fat content in order to keep warm. You can eat more fresh vegetables and fruits, such as hawthorn, eggplant and chestnut, which can appetizer or reduce cholesterol; Lettuce, potato and chestnut are rich in potassium and can also be eaten in moderation.

potatoes are also called potatoes, yam eggs, potato, etc. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that potatoes are sweet and flat in nature, and enter the stomach and large intestine. It has the effects of Supplementing Qi, strengthening spleen and promoting defecation. If you have a friend with weak spleen and stomach, dyspepsia and disharmony between intestines and stomach, you can eat potatoes in moderation. How can


avoid buying "refurbished potatoes" and how to distinguish true and false new potatoes? Gently rub the skin of potatoes with your fingers. The skin of new potatoes will fall off as long as you rub it gently, while the skin of renovated potatoes is not easy to peel off; The water content of new potatoes is relatively large, the part pressed by fingernails has obvious juice exudation, the meat is hard, the water content of old potatoes is less, and the meat has rubber elasticity.


in addition, there will be moldy, green or germinating potatoes, which shows that there are a lot of solanine in potatoes. If the buds are small, you can dig them up and eat them, which has little impact on health. In addition, you can soak in water and vinegar during cooking, and pay attention to cooking for a few more minutes to accelerate the destruction of toxins; However, if the hair turns blue seriously and sprouts more, you should not eat it again and throw it away.

don't worry about excess fat when eating potatoes. Some people who are afraid of getting fat don't dare to eat potatoes. In fact, they don't have to worry. Because it only contains 0.1% fat, which is the lowest fat content in all hunger food. Eating more potatoes every day can reduce fat intake, enable the body to gradually metabolize excess fat and eliminate your heart and abdomen. Potatoes have a wonderful effect on the human body. Thin people can get fat when they eat, fat people can get thin when they eat, and their body will become slim when they eat often. However, dieters should pay attention to eating potatoes as a staple food rather than cooking. Just eat a medium-sized one at a time.


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