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Try to massage the Three Acupoints of the human body for frost health preservation

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With the advent of the

frost term, the weather is getting colder and colder. Common diseases such as colds, fever and allergies are also easy to find. In order to prevent diseases, people should be prepared in all aspects of daily life, such as clothing, food, housing and transportation. Today, Xiaobian wants to introduce you to a method that you can try for frost health preservation - massage the Three Acupoints of the human body.


1. It is a good time to eat meat and stick winter fat after pressing the four seams to strengthen the stomach and eliminate stagnation and frost. A little carelessness will lead to food stagnation, damage the spleen and stomach and increase weight. Sifiao acupoint is an exclusive acupoint for eliminating sleeping food and resolving accumulated stagnation. The acupoints are located at the central point of the transverse lines of the 1st and 2nd segments of the 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th palmar surface. It's best to pinch with your thumb, generally 10-20 times, with remarkable effect.

2. Moisten the lung according to Yingxiang and prevent dryness. Autumn dryness is easy to harm the lung. Rubbing Yingxiang acupoint has the functions of clearing heat and dispersing wind, dispelling dryness and moistening lung, and dispersing nose orifices. Yingxiang point is located in the nasolabial groove about 0.5 inches from the outer edge of the nasal wing. Rub the belly of the middle finger or index finger of both hands for 20-30 times clockwise and inversely, with the degree of acidity, swelling and fever of Yingxiang point as the degree.

3. Regulate qi and protect the heart according to Jiquan. After winter, the occasional temperature rise under the air conditioner is comparable to that in midsummer. When the temperature exceeds 30 ℃, people will feel chest tightness. Jiquan point is the first important point of hand Shaoyin heart meridian, which is located at the apex of axilla and the pulsation of axillary artery. This point is effective in the treatment of heartache, chest tightness, dry throat and thirst. When playing, the force should be soft and the action should be consistent. The amount of each shot should vary from person to person, generally about 10 times. Notes for


acupoint massage 1. During physical and mental relaxation massage, we should not only concentrate our thoughts, but also be calm and not nervous. We should relax our whole body. Massage is a very comfortable thing.

2. Accurately grasp the acupoint selection methods and operation techniques of common acupoints, so as to obtain acupoints accurately and correctly.

3. The force is appropriate, too small force can not play the due stimulating role, too large force is easy to cause fatigue and damage the skin.

4. Step by step, the number of massage techniques should be from less to more, the massage force should be gradually increased from light, and the massage acupoints can be gradually increased.

5. Persevere. Whether it is used to protect health or treat chronic diseases, it is not effective in a day or two. It often takes time to gradually show the effect. Therefore, we should have confidence, patience and perseverance.

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